A NARS Christmas Treat.

nars man ray overexposed glow highlight

It’s that time of the year where you can most definitely justify treating yourself to a new beauty product or two right?


Yep. I’ve been really good at not spending money on makeup for a while, I used to be so much worse and I’ve really pulled the reigns in lately. A few weeks back, we went into John Lewis because I got my sister a gift card for her birthday and we were at the NARS counter for far too long. I saw that they had a limited edition Christmas range out and I spotted this highlighter and just fell in love. I stood there and swatched it about three times, debating whether it was something I needed in my collection or not and then I ended up not buying it and regretting it big time. So when I was putting my beauty gift guide together and including it, I couldn’t resist hitting purchase! I’m so glad I did because once they stop selling it, I just know I would hit myself for not getting it when I had the chance.


nars man ray overexposed glow highlight


This is the NARS Overexposed Glow Highlighter which is a shimmering rose gold kinda shade, and just suits my skin tone perfectly. It’s very warm in tone so I think that’s why, as I have yellow undertones. It’s one of those highlights that you somehow think you don’t really need, but then you swatch it/wear it and realise how perfect it is for you! I think it’s quite similar to Mac Soft & Gentle, which I also have, but the NARS pick is far more glowy and more golden. I mean lets face it – a lot of highlighters are quite similar, but I do think this one is different enough that you can justify having both.



As you can see in the swatch above, it blends beautifully into my skin and just leaves me with the most radiant, healthy glow. It’s definitely a buildable highlight too, I can wear a small amount applied with a fluffy brush for a more subtle look, or I can pack it on by sweeping my brush over the pan for a more intense look. I love that it’s buildable, as some days I’m not feeling much highlight, and others I really want to glow. I’ve been applying this on a daily basis and alternating between the two looks and whichever one I go for, it still always gives me such a natural, effortless look because of how well it blends in with my skin. It’s just so flattering, I can’t get over it!

It retails for £28 and I highly recommend grabbing it before it’s no longer available. If it’s one of those products that you’re not completely sold on, but kind of want it like I did, then pop into John Lewis and give it a swatch. I’m sure you will fall head over heels just like I did though!


(Here’s me with the highlight in action trying to be really instagrammable…)

Have any of you guys got your mitts on this NARS pick yet?