Choosing The Perfect Fragrance.

fragrance direct christmas gift edit

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Fragrance is one of the classiest, yet easiest options when it comes to gift giving, and here are two of my favourites…


Most of my favourite perfumes have come from fragrance direct, they have the best choice when it comes to high end fragrances that last all day and smell super good. Gift giving at Christmas can be really difficult sometimes, some people love buying presents, but others (like me) find it so hard to know what to buy everyone! I love giving people presents, don’t get me wrong, I’m just awful at knowing what to get. Perfume is such an easy option and one you can never really go wrong with, even for a male! All you have to do is find out what kind of scent you’re going for, but then again, most people aren’t overly fussy. Generally when you’re buying a luxe perfume, you can’t go wrong because usually, they all smell incredible. I personally love sweet scents, but I also like floral and very sophisticated scents. I don’t think I’ve ever come across any girl that doesn’t love a good perfume, and it’s a failsafe present for any man in your life – we all like to smell good right? I’ve picked up two new beauties to add to my collection lately so I’m going to share them with you today…


chloe fragrance


The first fragrance I selected was the Chloe Signature which I’ve wanted for a while, I have Chloe Love Story which I absolutely love so I was dying to try the original. I can safely say that it smells insane and it’s such a beautiful gift to buy for someone. Not only does it come encased in the most luxe looking packaging, but I’m sure anyone would love the scent of this! I also really recommend Chloe Love Story because that one has an equally gorgeous scent & packaging.


marc jacobs daisy fragrance


Marc Jacobs Daisy was my second selection because alllll the bloggers go on about this and I have never tried it before. The packaging was what drew me to it mainly to be honest, because how cute is it?! I love the fresh scent of this and I’ve been wearing it a lot lately, the scent lingers on my clothes all day. I think this fragrance makes an extra special gift just because it has the most adorable packaging ever, any gal is sure to love it!

If you want to browse the masses of fragrances over on fragrance direct’s christmas gift edit then I really recommend it, you’re sure to find a scent for the one you love. What’s your favourite perfume to receive?