My Top Picks For Dehydrated Skin.

skincare picks for dehydrated skin skincare for dry skin

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 The products helping me battle my dehydrated skin…


I’m forever changing up my skincare, which probably isn’t the best thing to do as new products can sometimes cause irritation. However, it’s inevitable as a beauty blogger as I’m constantly being sent new things to review and if there’s something everyone’s raving about – I want it. I don’t get as excited about skincare as I do makeup, however I still love a solid skincare routine with products that actually work. With the air being so cold at the moment (I’m struggling to get out of bed on a morning, anyone else?) my skin is quite dehydrated and to top it off, I keep getting such horrible breakouts. I’ve changed up the products I use so that I have more products to help battle the dryness and the blemishes – so without further ado, here’s what I’m loving!


flexitol hand balm flexitol skincare review


Flexitol Hand Balm // Flexitol are a skincare brand that I’ve just discovered and I can honestly vouch for their products. Whilst the packaging isn’t that blogger-esque, the products really do work wonders. I suffer with really dry skin & eczema on my hands, especially during winter and the hand balm has been a life saver since I received it. Having a baby, changing nappies and all the other cleaning up I have to do on a daily basis means I’m constantly washing my hands and it’s a nightmare! I get the driest hands ever and not only is it a really uncomfortable feeling, but it also means my fake tan can apply really patchy. So a good hand cream is what I’m always on the look out for, and this one has ticked all the boxes for me. I’ve also been using the cuticle & nail cream, and if you follow me on instagram, you may have seen me quickly chat about my dodgy thumbnail that broke off right at the bottom, all the way across. I’m desperately waiting for it to grow back because it looks so gross, and this has been an absolute life saver in helping to restore it. It’s already looking loads healthier, and my cuticles are nice and conditioned! If you care about your hands, then these two products are well worth investing in, plus they are so affordable and work wonders. The cuticle & nail cream actually comes with a little brush applicator on it too so it’s super easy to use rather than having to apply it with your fingers to each nail. I’m so glad I discovered these two products as they are going to be life savers for me all year round, not just during winter!


Glossier Mask Duo // When I made my first Glossier order, the Mega Greens Galaxy Pack was one of my first picks. It stood out to me because it’s a clay mask that detoxifies the face and draws out impurities, yet it’s nourishing at the same time. I’d heard great things about both masks, but I felt like this is what my skin needed most at the time. I instantly regretted not buying the duo, because as we got further towards the end of the year, it was getting colder and my skin was getting so dehydrated. Everyone raved about the Moisturising Moon Mask and I knew I needed that in my life too. It was the first thing on my list when I made another Glossier order, and I’m so happy I now have both! I have really reaped the benefits of the Mega Greens mask, it’s helped control my breakouts so well and it doesn’t dry my skin out at all like other clay masks do. The Moisturising Moon mask has also been adding so much moisture back into my skin. I wake up with such a soft, hydrated face in the morning which I welcome with open arms during the cold months. I have a feeling I will go through the moisture mask far too quickly, it’s just that good!


Samaya Vata Hydrating Cleanser // If you suffer with dry skin, you’ll know how much certain cleansers can make your face feel so dehydrated afterwards and how unpleasant that is during winter. Well, I’ve been using this hydrating cleanser from Samaya for the past few weeks and I haven’t had that feeling once. I usually use a cloth to remove all of my makeup, and then go in with my cleanser afterwards and this one has just left my skin feeling so cleansed and hydrated! It literally melts into my skin and leaves it so soft afterwards, it’s an absolute dream. If you want a luxurious cleanser that will give you gorgeous skin, I highly recommend this one. The packaging is so gorgeous too, it looks beautiful sat on my desk! Samaya also have a feature on their website where you can ‘find your dosha’ – a dosha is a skin type that corresponds to a set of physical and emotional traits. Your dosha is basically what best defines your character and Samaya will advise you which skincare to buy based on your dosha. They matched me up to Vata which is why I have this cleanser, but there’s two others called Pitta & Kapha. I really recommend going on their site to read about it and find out what yours is if you’re interested in skincare & having good skin – it’s really interesting!


Clinique Moisture Surge // If you have read my other skincare posts, then you’ll know how much I rave about this moisturiser. It’s the best moisturiser for dehydrated skin, I swear by it during winter. It is on the pricer end for a moisturiser, however it’s so so worth it. I make mine last me a while by only using it when my skin is in serious need of some moisture. I’ll use it say, every morning for a few days, and then start using a more affordable one for a few more. It always sorts my skin right out, it’s honestly the best ever.


Estee Lauder Resilience Lift Eye Creme // I’ve become a bit of an eye cream obsessive lately, I want to avoid wrinkles and dark under eye circles as much as I can now that I’m getting older. I have a few favourites, but a new one to my collection that I’m loving is the Resilience Lift by Estee Lauder. I’ve never had any EL skincare before, but oh my goodness – the packaging is a beaut. Pink and gold – what more could a blogger want?! The cream has quite a thick consistency and feels so luxurious when I’m applying it. It instantly hydrates my under eye area and the results have been almost immediate, I feel like my eyes look a lot brighter. I really recommend this one if you want a good eye cream.


Glossier Priming Moisturiser // The Glossier Priming Moisturiser has become one of my favourites to use on a morning, it gives me such a glowy, supple canvas to apply makeup to. I love that it’s buildable and I can add more depending on how dry my skin might be feeling, or how much it needs. It’s perfect for using even on no makeup days just to make my skin look that bit healthier.


Revitalash // Whilst this isn’t technically for dry skin – it’s still an absolute saviour to me so I wanted to include it. If you read my post a while back on Revitalash, then you will know it completely changed the game for me. I used to absolutely despise my lashes because they were so short and I looked like I had none, even with the best mascara on them. I’d read raving reviews on this all over the web and finally caved and spent £60+ on a 2.5ml tube and it was honestly a life changer. My lashes got thicker, longer and fuller within a couple of weeks of using this once a night and they have never left. I used it everyday for a couple of months until I basically just forgot to use it for weeks and weeks and I still have long, full lashes. I now only use it once every few weeks and my lashes still look absolutely fantastic. I couldn’t recommend it anymore. And ignore anyone that says they drop out or go back to normal if you stop using it – because mine haven’t at all!! I have no idea what properties it has, but it’s like a bottle of magic on my lashes. It obviously takes an absolute age to wear off, whatever it is, because I rarely have to use it these days. I have stocked up on another 1ml bottle just so I have it in my stash to use whenever I feel necessary, but I recommend picking a 1ml up if you just want to try it, without splurging on a bigger & more expensive tube.


What are your current skincare saviours?