A Flawless Base With Charlotte Tilbury.

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Three Charlotte Tilbury picks that will give you a flawless base…


We all know I love a good CT pick as much as the next blogger, and today I’m going to share three gems that together, achieve a gorgeous, dewy and flawless look. I particularly recommend these products if you suffer with dry skin and tend to struggle with getting your makeup to apply nice and smoothly, they are game changers!


Charlotte’s Magic Cream // The first time I tried out a miniature magic cream, I was hooked. This winter has been a nightmare for my skin, it’s felt so dry and rough every morning and the only way I am able to wear makeup is by applying a good moisturiser beforehand. Some days I even apply two just for extra moisture. I’ve been using the magic cream whenever my skin has been super dry and dull and it’s like a miracle worker. It transforms my skin by hydrating it and instantly brightening it up, it’s also lovely and thick and a little goes a long way. It doesn’t accentuate the oils in my t-zone area either, it does exactly what I need it to do and gives me a much softer and smoother base for makeup to apply to.


Wonderglow // If you read my blog a lot then you’ll already know how obsessed I am with wonderglow. Be prepared to hear about it a lot more because I can’t see myself putting this down any time soon. This is the primer I’m currently reaching for every single day, and that’s because it just really is that incredible. Not only does it hydrate my skin even more after the magic cream, but it essentially adds a smooth layer over my skin leaving it looking and feeling genuinely blurred. It also leaves my face looking super duper dewy without accentuating my oiliness and I just feel like I’m left with such healthy looking skin after applying this. I actually like to use this on days when I’m not even bothering with makeup just because it leaves my skin looking so good that I feel that little bit more confident applying this after my moisturiser.


Magic Foundation // You guys know I wasn’t a massive fan of the magic foundation when I first tried it out, I wasn’t getting very good coverage from it and that’s because I had really bad skin at the time. Now that my skin has cleared up and I’m combining it with the wonderglow, it’s working beautifully for me. Paired with the magic cream and wonderglow primer, it makes for the perfect last step to achieving a beautiful base. I like to apply this with my beauty blender to get the best coverage from it and I love that it keeps my t-zone matte without having a matte finish to it. I definitely recommend trying a sample of this (and with wonderglow underneath too) as I only like how this foundation looks on me with a good primer underneath. But these three products together look incredible!


Have you tried out these Charlotte Tilbury products?



~ This post contains gifted products but all thoughts are my own. ~