A Lighter, More Energized Me.

so shape review and challenge health and fitness goals 2018

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New year, same me – just improved.


I’m not one for jumping on the January fitness hype, and to be honest I wouldn’t really say that I have at all. I still hate working out and I still love chocolate which I refuse to give up completely. All I’m doing is making small changes that will lead to a healthier lifestyle. I’m working with Cult Beauty this week on their campaign which revolves around improving myself with some self care and it’s just the best idea ever. You can read more about that here. I thought that it would be a good week to continue the theme from that blog post and talk to you about the things I’m doing at the moment to feel lighter and more energetic…


Curbing my sugar craving.

Yes. I am a total and utter sugar addict, I admit it. I don’t think I’m as bad as I used to be as some days I will go with little to no chocolate but then I will just suddenly get a craving and end up eating an entire bag of something. I also can’t drink coffee or tea without two to three sugars in (usually depends on the mug size – I have some large mugs) and I love my hot chocolates covered in marshmallows. If I go shopping and spot a good ol’ lemon cake or fancy some chocolate cake – I will buy one and eat half of it! So it’s safe to say I am really trying to cut back on it this year. I do think it’s all about balance so I’m not going to avoid it (I couldn’t anyway) but I would like to be good for most of the week and then have small treats without going overboard. It’s less the sugary drinks that I’m bothered about and more the whole chocolate/desserts situ, because there’s no way I will drink my coffee bitter. Ever.

SO. I have teamed up with So Shape again, who I worked with last year, and I’m participating in their 5 day challenge for the second time. This time, I have all sweet flavours and every time I fancy something sweet, I’m going to be having one of my smart meals instead. The sweet flavours were by far my favourites last time so I’m really excited to have even more to try out. I remember the lemon cheesecake smart meal tasting just like a cheesecake flavoured milkshake and it was delicious! The smart meals help to flatten your stomach, regulate your metabolism and boost your energy. I’m all about trying to boost my energy at the minute because I’m trying to make more of an effort to eat healthier. If I can curb my craving for tons of chocolate just by making up one of these shakes then that’s ideal for me. I’m also a massive milkshake lover so the fact that these taste just like one is an even bigger bonus.

The 5 day challenge gives you enough smart meals to have 2 per day, however if I’m only craving something sweet after dinner then I only see the need to have one. They are low calorie, low in fats and sugars and also help keep you fuller for longer. Essentially, a much healthier sweet snack than digging out your favourite chocolate bar (we can save that for the weekend). So far I have had 4 smart meals, the flavours being brownie, cookies & cream, strawberry tart & raspberry frappe. They all taste insane but my two favourites have to be brownie & strawberry tart. I’m already feeling so much better for eating less sugar and fats, I’m less bloated and I’ve had so much more energy that I’m waking up earlier and being far more productive too! Overall, if you are a sugar addict like me and are really trying to eat less sweet treats so that you eat a bit healthier, I couldn’t recommend So Shape any more. I’m not into fad diets at all so take it from someone who just eats what they want, these meals are a real life saver. If you want to read more about So Shape, I did another post here.¬†You can also get 10% off the 14 & 28 day challenges with the code GEMMALOUISE10.


Eating healthier.

I generally try to make a lot of home cooked meals for the sake of Ru, so he eats well – when it comes to me, I don’t really make much effort to eat healthily at all. It’s actually so hard to remember to even eat at all when you have a toddler running circles around you but this year I am trying much harder. I have been buying a lot more vegetables in the shop and thinking of meals I could make. I usually buy small packets of diced veg to make little meals up for Reuben but now I’m going all out and buying all sorts of different things. I’ve been buying more yogurts and fruits too, and trying to focus on filling the fridge with things that both Reuben & I will eat and enjoy. So far, I’ve been eating lots of healthy roasted veg with cherry tomatoes which actually tastes so so good. I’ve also been making us desserts of yogurt and fruit which Ru really enjoys anyway and it’s great for me so that I have something sweet after dinner without it being bad for me.

My next task is to buy in some recipe books and start meal planning so that I’m less likely to just throw things in the oven or make something that’s easy but fattening. I don’t want diet foods, just simple healthy recipes that I can make for myself as well as a one year old. I feel like when I eat healthier, not only is it doing wonders for my body, but my mindset too. I just feel so much better kicking out more carbs and sugars and replacing them with things that are good for my body. I’m basically eating how everyone should, it’s just not realistic for a lot of people when you have kids – but now I’m really making the effort and it’s definitely paying off.


Easing into a workout routine.

I’ve mentioned this before, but I absolutely hate exercise. I want to be one of these girls that really enjoys the gym and working out and I’m just not. I love going out in the country for fresh air and walks so it’s not that sort of exercise I don’t like – it’s just making the time and effort to work out. I’m really trying at the moment as I have noticed my body is so out of shape and has got worse over the past year. I feel like I don’t stop being a lone parent but apparently that doesn’t mean your body stays fit. I’m trying to gradually ease myself into a workout routine at the moment by doing 10 minutes here and there and maybe trying to increase it to half an hour to an hour. I would ideally like to do this every single day but some days are too busy to even think about doing a work out so I am just going to try and do it as much as I can. I have the mindset that some exercise is better than none right?

I’m hoping to be driving before the end of this year so hopefully I can try and find a gym with a cresh so that I can start going again. If I can’t find one, even just being able to drive out to the country and going on lots of evening walks when it gets warmer would be perfect. I feel like they would be great for my body as well as my mind.


So those are the goals I’m trying to work towards at the moment, I’m feeling so much lighter and energized already!

Have you got any small, achievable health goals this year?