Christmas Treats.

what I got for Christmas haul

Find out what I got for Christmas last year…


Okay so I asked on Instagram if I was allowed to do a “what I got for Christmas” post even though I basically bought 95% of my gifts myself. Almost everyone said yes – so here it is! Excluding a few gifts from my family (which is mostly chocolate, snacks, socks & money usually) I tend to buy my own Christmas presents. That’s not as depressing as it sounds, it’s just that I’m not in a relationship so I don’t have the advantage of having a boyfriend to give a huge wish list to. I honestly couldn’t care less to be honest, I bloody love an excuse to buy myself some new treats and the fact that I get to choose whatever I want is a bonus! I started buying myself stuff in November (thanks black friday!) and I basically just used Christmas as an excuse to get myself a load of goodies from my wish list. This post is essentially just a massive excuse to round everything up and do a huge haul. I’ve spent quite a lot… but that’s cool – it’s all from Reuben! 😉


what I got for Christmas haul


NARS Treats.

NARS is probably my favourite beauty brand and when I saw the Man Ray collection I fell in love. I regretted not picking up the Overexposed Highlight in store so in November I decided to buy it as an early Christmas present to myself! It’s now my favourite highlighter, you can see a full review of it here. I actually regretted picking it up when Black Friday came around as I could have got it with a huge discount but oh well! I did pick a few things up in the sales though that I decided to treat myself to, and two of those things included the Audacious Lipstick in the shade Charlotte (which I’m sure you’ve heard me bang on about loads by now) and the Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base.


Glossier Goodies.

I took advantage of Glossier doing 20% off on Black Friday week and used some of my store credit too, to buy a couple of things I had on my lust list. I regretted not buying the Moon Mask with my first order, so that was the first thing I decided to pick up which I absolutely love. I also had to get the Boy Brow after hearing everyone going on about it – and it hasn’t disappointed! I could only justify another order due to the sales and the fact it was almost Christmas…


Spontaneous Buys.

A couple of things I thought I’d get myself were total spontaneous buys and they were the Ordinary Coverage Foundation, which I’ve wanted to try out for ages and the Rituel de Fille Celestial Sphere Eye Soot in Ara. I’m still trying out the foundation but the eye soot was a total genius buy, I thought I’d love it and I really do! The Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in Walk of Shame which I’ve lusted after for the longest time was another spontaneous purchase one night, I just decided okay I’m having this as my Christmas lipstick and I went and ordered it. So glad I did as it’s now one of my favourite reds! My final random purchase was the Too Faced Shadow Insurance Eye Primer, which is something I’ve had my eye on for a long time but never really needed. I was in Debenhams on boxing day and since I got some money for Christmas I decided that I’d just pick it up and treat myself!


Lush Buys.

I feel like Lush purchases are a must over Christmas – they always have such a good Christmas range. My gran always gives me £50 every Christmas and she also usually buys a little present to go alongside it. She got my mum to ask me what I wanted so I opted for a couple of things from Lush and got my first Cup o’ Coffee Mask (which I’ve completely fallen in love with) and a Butterbear. I then got my mum to get me a load of goodies when they were doing 50% off in store just after Christmas and picked up a handful of bubble bars, and a couple of bath bombs. I also treated myself to the Rose Jam shower gel which is one of my favourites. I don’t usually spend that much on shower gel but I can make an exception for Rose Jam…


The Luxury Treats.

It was inevitable that I would buy myself at least one luxurious gift at the end of the year, I mean I deserve it right? I actually (kinda) bought myself two as my first big purchase was a brand new phone. My contract on my old phone doesn’t actually run out until this September but I just figured that I would sell it and pay it off as I was well overdue an upgrade. I had the iPhone SE which is great, but I have lusted after a 7 plus for ages now and I’m so glad I finally have one. I got it on contract and found an amazing deal, but it was still a treat as I had to pay a moderately hefty upfront cost! I also got myself a cute Skinny Dip case to go with it of course. My final Christmas treat (I promise this is the last one) was a Diptyque candle which I’m so excited about. They smell amazing, they look amazing and I cannot wait to have this looking all pretty on display in my house. I actually bought Baies (which I still have) but I’m returning it to store next week to swap it for Vanille which I prefer. Obviously I’ve taken a couple of snaps of it whilst I wait until I can get hold of my replacement. I bought Baies after loads of recommendations but when I’m spending £45 on a candle I want to be in love with it and Baies unfortunately ain’t the one for me. Maybe next time 😉


what I got for christmas haul


Have you used Christmas to treat yourself to any new bits?