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How I’m cleansing my mind & body with Cult Beauty…


I’ve been invited by Cult Beauty to share my small achievable wellness tips as part of their #dailyretreats campaign. The focus is surrounding the idea of a “new year, same me – but better”. It’s basically about taking small steps each day to improve yourself. I absolutely love the whole idea and couldn’t wait to jump onboard and participate. I’m going to be spending an entire week making small changes each day, that will hopefully lead to me feeling like an improved version of myself at the end of it. If you follow Cult Beauty on Instagram you may have already seen their daily retreats on their stories and some may even have joined in with it already! I’ve come up with my own selection of daily retreats and these are focused solely around cleansing my mind and my body. I’ve been feeling very deflated recently, I’ve had bad skin, a lack of energy due to late nights, and these daily tasks are hopefully going to lead to me feeling a whole lot better by next week. So if you would like to see what steps I’m taking, keep reading…




Drink 2 litres of lemon infused water. I try to drink a lot of water on a daily basis. Excluding coffee, occasionally a glass of OJ and hot chocolates (of course) it’s pretty much all I drink. I am terrible for sometimes craving fizzy drinks but 95% of the time those are my daily beverages! I started buying lemons in and adding a slice to my glass of water every time I pour one and I noticed how much it helps with my bloating which is fab. I do struggle with bloating quite badly and so I’ve started adding a slice of lemon to my glass and I noticed how much it helps. For the upcoming week I’m setting myself the task of drinking a whole 2 litres (possibly even more!) for the day to see how I feel at the end of the day. I’d probably drink this much anyway if I had the time, but with a toddler around, I’m sometimes guilty of forgetting to eat and drink for the majority of my day. If this pays off I will definitely make more of an effort to do it every day.


Deep cleanse my skin. As I mentioned earlier, my skin has been in a really bad state recently. I’ve had breakouts all over my chin and around my mouth which is probably the worst place to get them. I haven’t even been wearing makeup that much either and when I do, I always double or triple cleanse. So I can only really put it down to things like hormones, not eating well etc… but I think I would like to spend one day a week taking really good care of my skin. I tend to avoid skincare products during the day when I’m not wearing makeup just because I completely forget about them, and I only really use a couple at night. Some nights I won’t spend much time on my skin either, just because I’m too busy trying to rush back to my toddler who I’ve left playing downstairs whilst I have a quick bath. I think what I really need to do is have a deep cleanse at least once a week to give my skin some much needed TLC. I’ve picked up the Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Oil from Cult Beauty as I’ve been desperate to try it for ages and heard amazing things. I’m going to have a good cleanse and then go to bed smothered in this and hopefully wake up with incredible skin!

Have a soak in a hot bubble bath with a good book. I recently bought a book that I fancied reading, to add to my collection of books that I’m still yet to read. I don’t know why I’ve been buying books when I never find the time to read? Or maybe I’m just too busy being busy to find the time to sit and read. Whatever it is, I am determined to set aside one day this week to go and run myself a gorgeous bubble bath once Reuben is in bed and I’m going to take along one of the books I’ve got and start reading it. I always hate Wednesdays as I feel like it’s that awkward day where you’re past Monday but nowhere near the weekend yet. As a change, I would love to spend my Wednesday evening relaxing by doing one of my favourite things. I plan on using the Bjork & Berries White Forest Body Scrub which smells gorgeous. I have super dry skin at the moment and I want to give it a good exfoliation in the bath and come out and smother myself in moisturiser. I’m also going to be using the Grapefruit Citrus Bath Soak by Indie Lee – not only will this help soften my skin but it helps relieve aching muscles which sounds like exactly what I need!


Avoid carbs for the day. This is another daily retreat that is linked to bloating. I’m a massive foodie and I love all things carbs, but as delicious as they are, I always feel so uncomfortable and bloated after a carby dinner. I would love to set aside a day or two each week, to just completely avoid carbs and see how it leaves me feeling afterwards. I could never avoid them completely, obviously, but I think a day or two a week could leave me feeling so much better and I’m excited to see the results.


Do some yoga. I’m desperate to get into a fitness routine this year, it’s going quite badly so far but I haven’t given up yet. I feel like starting yoga would really help me with this, not only for fitness but as a way to just chill out – and even if I don’t stick with it, I’d like to set an hour aside on Friday morning to do something relaxing which will hopefully help me feel a bit more relaxed. I’m really hoping it will leave me feeling much more motivated for the day ahead. I plan on lighting my candle from the Therapie Heal Me Kit (which by the way, smells fantastic!!) and sitting down once Reuben is having his nap to get in the zone.


Organise my beauty stash. You may have seen over on my instagram the other day that I mentioned I really need to sort out my makeup collection – and badly. My sister came over the other week and we sorted through all my unused lipsticks and I got rid of absolutely loads and it felt so so good to declutter my drawer. I really want to spend Saturday doing that to the rest of my drawers, skincare and everything so that I’m only left with things I actually use and like. I know I will find this really hard but also feel so much better for it afterwards and it will be the perfect way to start my weekend! I also need to get replace all my products that are running low with fresh ones and this will help me find out what those are. I’ve already replaced my By Terry Ombre Blackstar in Frozen Quartz and I now need to find it a home!


Have an early night. I’ve been feeling absolutely exhausted this week and yet I still find myself wide awake at midnight with no plans of going to sleep. It really needs to stop, I know I get a lot more work done at night but I still need a good night’s sleep! I’m going to end my week by making damn sure that I have an early night and start the Monday after with a fresh, clear mind. I actually really struggled to sleep on a night for a long time until I started buying lavender infused products that have worked wonders on me. I decided to grab something new as I use them pretty much every night so I picked up the NEOM Pillow Mist which smells exactly like the Twilight Spray from Lush if you’ve smelt that. I’m admittedly not a massive fan of the scent because it’s a bit too intense for me, but it helps me sleep so I can live with it!


So those are the steps I’m taking to really give my mind and my body a good cleanse. I will check back in at the end of the week to let you know how I’m feeling and if it has lead to a better me as a whole. I would love it if you came and followed me over on Instagram as I will be sharing my daily retreats on my stories every day for the entire week!


Will you be participating in Cult Beauty’s #dailyretreats?