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The homeware I’d treat myself to if I got lucky with the lottery…


I think we all sometimes sit and dream about what we’d treat ourselves to if we won the lottery, more often than not my mind takes me to my dream home. I could sit for hours browsing Pinterest saving all the living rooms and kitchens that I wish I had, I probably spend far too much time on there doing just that… not to mention actually browsing homeware websites too! I’ve teamed up with Lottoland to create a wish list of the home bits that I’m lusting after and all the things that I would splurge on if money was no object. I always find my favourite homey bits are the most expensive ones and it would be a dream to be able to afford to go on a massive shopping spree to buy whatever I liked.


Lottoland is a different version of the lottery, instead of choosing numbers to play, you are essentially betting on what numbers will be drawn. It’s very similar really, because if you think about it when you buy a lottery ticket, you’re taking a gamble and hoping to get lucky! Betting isn’t for everyone but it’s quite popular these days when it comes to things like sports and this is just a different way to play the lottery. Everything is done online rather than having tickets and they’re completely independent of the national lottery so all your winnings are paid through them. They also do special offers where you can get free bets etc so you get more opportunities to win and you would win the same amount that you would from playing the lottery direct!


Some of my favourite homeware shops include Anthropologie, West Elm, Oliver Bonas and The White Company, just to name a few! I always find so many beautiful bits to lust after and it’s really hard to resist buying everything… I’m going to create a wish list below of all the pretty bits I’ve got my eye on at the moment so you can browse it and maybe find something to add to your own lust list! Be warned though, most of it has a hefty price tag…



What homeware have you had your eye on lately?