Starting A Jewellery Collection.

daniel wellington jewellery collection How I’m gradually adding to my jewellery collection…


I had a bit of an obsession with earrings and necklaces in my teens, but since getting older my jewellery collection has just got smaller and smaller. It got to the point where I basically never wore any jewellery other than my nose piercing and a couple of studs in my helix. At the beginning of the year, I suddenly developed a love for jewellery again and the more I browsed cute outfits on Instagram, the more I wanted some new additions to my collection to jazz up my style. I have quite a basic style anyway so a few cute rings or necklaces are very welcomed into my wardrobe to add that lil bit extra. I’m not massively into loads and loads of jewellery, I just like cute dainty pieces that add a bit more effort to my minimalistic style – so today I thought that I’d share the little bits that I’m loving at the moment!


daniel wellington jewellery collection

daniel wellington jewellery collection


First we’ll start with the absolutely gorgeous Daniel Wellington duo that’s new to my collection. This is the Classic Petite Melrose 32mm watch with the Classic Cuff. I am obsessed with this rose gold combo and I just can’t get enough. I have a couple of watches from DW now but this is by far my favourite, it’s just stunning. I’ve been wearing it every time I’ve left the house and it just compliments my basic black and pink style at the mo, so well. I’m currently living in black jeans and pink jumpers so you can imagine how perfectly this watch goes with my outfits. I don’t feel like I need any other jewellery when I wear these two just because they’re such a statement on their own and instantly make me look like I’ve put a lot more effort into my style. You can get a fab discount with my code GEMELLISX if you fancy treating yourself too!


I’ve been wanting a horn necklace for the longest time but just kept forgetting to pick one up, and one day I was in Topshop returning some jeans and spotted this beautiful gold one and immediately bought it. It was only about £6.50 I believe and it’s safe to say I have been wearing it a lot. It’s just one of those necklaces that goes with absolutely everything and adds a nice little touch without being over the top. Love!



Another necklace I’ve recently bought and been loving is this cute dainty lobster necklace from Asos. How adorable? I wasn’t sure on it at first but decided for £4 I might as well order it and it’s now one of my favourite accessories. It’s another pretty simple jewellery addition but without being over the top. I’ve found it looks gorgeous paired with all of my jumpers and even a basic white tee!


The last addition is this gold hex ring, again from Asos. I don’t really wear rings that much because I just find them annoying on a day to day basis, when you have a baby and you’re constantly washing your hands and things I just find them to be a bit of a nuisance. I do absolutely love rings though, I went through a stage years ago where I wore about 20 at once! I thought that I’d start to make more of an effort to wear them again when I’m leaving the house and I picked up this as it’s very cute and makes quite a statement without being huge.


I know I haven’t bought a lot so far, but I still have a few new bits to play with and style up! I’m eager to buy more additions so let me know where your favourite places are to pick up dainty jewellery from as I’m wanting to grow quite the collection!

~ This post contains gifted items but all opinions are my own. ~