A Dreamy NARS Palette.

nars wanted palette review and swatches

The new NARS palette is an absolute dream, find out more…


Can we just stop for a sec and stare at this dreamy palette? It’s so perfectly new in the photo above so I’m just re-living my love at first sight all over again… SO. A long time ago I used to be quite obsessed with eyeshadow palettes and bought every beautiful palette that I came across but then I sorta got to the point where I had loads and enough was enough. These days, it’s rare that I will see an eyeshadow palette and think that it’s so unlike my others that I need it in my life, but, the new NARS Wanted Palette had me at first glance. I love warm tones, I love a mix of mattes and shimmers/glitters, and this is just theeeee most glamorous palette ever with it all. Today I want to share a quick overview with swatches of this little number and make you all fall so in love that you feel the need to buy it too 😉


nars wanted palette review and swatches

nars wanted palette review and swatches


First of all, lets discuss the packaging – because packaging is definitely important right? Materials wise, it’s the same as all other NARS palettes, sturdy plastic with a strong clasp so it’s good for travelling with, has a nice big mirror inside, all that jazz. GRAPHICS wise, they’ve gone for something a lil different to usual and they’ve put some sort of pixelated image on the top of a pair of eyes. At first I thought it was a bit odd, but it totally works and I now love it. And the colours pair perfectly with the shades inside. NARS always kill it with their packaging, it’s so sleek, and this palette is no exception. I’m quite glad they’ve gone for this matte graphic look, I have their blush palette (which I absolutely love) but I’m not a massive fan of the mirrored lid as it gets dirty so easily.


Now on to the actual shades themselves, these tones just scream me me me. I absolutely love that there is a couple of matte browns for your good ol’ crease shade, and a darker brown thrown in there for any smokey look you might fancy doing. There’s also a matte red (that honestly, swatched a little chalky but I can get past that as matte shades are buildable) which is perfect if you fancy doing a more red toned look. I quite like that they’ve put that one in there because it is overall a warm toned palette so a matte red will pair perfectly with every single shimmer in there. They’ve not let us down with highlight shades, there’s a matte one as well as a frosted one which is perfect to cover your brow bone and inner corner highlight needs. And lastly, you have six, I repeat SIX absolutely beautiful glitters. I think 5 out of 6 of those shades are leaning far more on the glitter side, there’s a hazelnut/brown shimmer that you probably wouldn’t class as a glitter but it’s a gorgeous shade to pop on the lid for an everyday extra bit of somethin’.


I would advise going into a store and swatching this palette for yourself if you don’t trust my words because the glitters in this palette are extremely glittery. If you love pops of colour and glitter on the lids then you will love this palette. The glitter is quite chunky, but if you’re like me and love playing with eyeshadows and making your eyes pop then you will laaav it. You can also apply them with a lighter hand so that they aren’t as bold if that’s your thing. The light hasn’t hit these swatches as well as it could have for it to show up on camera, but believeeeee me, they are insanely pigmented. I’m not going to go into describing each individual shade like some reviews as I’m not really about that. You can see from the swatches and the pictures of the palette what kind of tones this palette has. I can tell you that each shade has amazing pigmentation, ESPECIALLY the glitters & shimmer shades. The mattes tend to be a little chalky and don’t swatch as well but I think that applies to most matte shades when it comes to eyeshadows so it’s nothing to worry about.


I also love that they have thrown a glittery khaki shade in there, it reminds me of the too faced palettes where they randomly throw in a bright purple or blue! Obviously this is a little less ‘out there’ compared to those, but I love that there’s a shade that means you can create a totally different look to the normal neutral/red tones. I also love using khaki/dark green shades, there’s one in the TF chocolate bar palette and it’s one of my favourite shades to wear when I use it.


nars wanted palette review and swatches


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