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Trying out some skinny jeans that AREN’T from Topshop?! Find out more…


So if you guys have read any of my previous fashion content, then you may know that I liveeee in Topshop joni jeans like most gals. I have tried out many brands of skinny jeans but nothing has ever beaten the Topshop ones for me, in terms of being high waist, tight fitting, sucking my ol’ mum tum in and being lovely and flattering for my figure. Well. That has now changed and today I’m talking to you all about these gems from no other than MATALAN. They are comfy, they fit well and they look smashing.


matalan denim skinny jeans haul style fashion


First of all, we’ll discuss my faves, the Jessie High Waisted Jeans in midwash. The Jessie jeans from Matalan are literally dupes for the Topshop Joni Jeans and they are £16!!! These ones are so soft and stretchy, comfortably tight around my waist and v comfy to wear. I love the midwash colour and the detailing at the bottom of them is super cute! They actually have a frayed effect at the very end of them which I think looks really cool, they look fab paired with flats or trainers. They also come in denim and darkwash if you fancy a lighter or darker pair of these lovelies. I got these in a size 8 and they fit perfectly, I’m a w25 l30 in joni jeans if that helps!



matalan denim skinny jeans haul style fashion


The April Super Skinny Distressed Jeans in midwash are also a gorge pair. I love a pair of ripped skinnies and I haven’t worn any in ages due to it being winter and so bloody cold! I was so excited to try these out, I did get them in a size 8 which turned out to be a little less roomy than the jessie jeans unfortunately, so the fabric must be less stretchy than those. I did manage to fit into them, they just aren’t overly comfortable to wear so I’ve passed them on to my sister and I’m going to pick them up in a size up. Again, they’re only £16 so an absolute steal! I would recommend trying these ones on just because they aren’t as stretchy as the others and if you don’t like your jeans to be too tight fitting you might want to size up like I am. Other than that they are such a pretty pair to pick up for Spring!



matalan denim skinny jeans haul style fashion


One of the pairs of jeans that I picked have literally not come off me since they arrived – and that’s the Jessie Bow Hem High Waisted Jeans in black. Again, these are an exact dupe of the joni jeans that I love so much, high waisted, stretchy, soft, super comfortable… what more could a girl want in a pair of jeans? They slightly suck in my mum tum and make my thighs look slimmer which is flattering and gives me a bit more body confidence, and they also have the cutest little ties at the bottom!! How cute are they?! I’m a little bit obsessed with them and can’t wait to pair them with some cute sandals in summer. Again I got these in a size 8 and they fit perfectly, the Jessie range is by far my favourite from Matalan.



Another pair I picked up from the Jessie range which I haven’t actually taken a picture of as they are just plain black jeans, are my faves too. Every girl needs a basic pair of jeans in their wardrobe right? I have a basic Topshop black pair but they fade and go grey so quickly when you wear and wash them lots so now that I’ve found an alternative that’s roughly £20 cheaper, I know what I’ll be buying in future…



I will warn you that Matalan don’t actually sell jeans by waist and leg measurements like Topshop do, they generally come in size 8, 10, 12 etc. A size 8 fits me fine but I am fairly short at 5’2 so if you’re tall I would 100% recommend going into store and trying on a pair first if you’re a size 8 around your waist, the leg might be too short for you. I usually really struggle with sizes due to being short but it seems Matalan’s sizes cater for shorter girls rather than taller ones. Anyway, most people have a Matalan close to them so just have a quick pop in and if you find a size that works for you, you’ll know what you are in future!

Overall, if you can’t already tell… I’m super impressed with the jeans I picked up. They also have a denim fit guide if you’re on the hunt for the perfect pair but aren’t sure what to get.


Have you tried out any jeans from Matalan yet?


~ This post contains gifted items but all opinions are my own. ~