January Skincare Favourites.

January skincare favourites skincare roundup January lead to a lot of new skincare discoveries and today I’m sharing my faves…


Over the course of January, a lot of new skincare products were added to my collection and I now have an overflowing basket of products on rotation. There are a few products that have really stood out to me in particular that I’ve been loving, so I thought that I would round them up and make a blog post out of it. I don’t do a specific monthly favourites on my blog but if I’ve been loving some products in particular through a certain month then I will most definitely write about them to tell you guys how good they are! So if you’re really into your skincare like I am then keep reading to find out what I’m loving at the moment…


January skincare favourites skincare roundup


Pixi Rose Flash Balm // I’ve been absolutely obsessed with this stuff since it arrived. Anything rose scented is right up my street, and the sweet floral tone this balm has is just heavenly! The Rose Flash Balm from Pixi can be used as a moisturiser or an overnight mask and I’m loving it as a daily moisturiser. It’s lightweight, but hydrating and perfect for everyday use before makeup application. It hydrates my face on the days where I’ve got slightly dry skin and only need a little bit of moisture. I wouldn’t say it heavily moisturises so if you have super dry skin, it’s not for you. I do suffer with quite dry skin a lot of the time and on those days I’ll reach for something else that’s a bit more hydrating, but lately this has been enough for me and I just know I’ll get so much use out of it come Spring!


Pixi Rose Caviar Essence // Like the Pixi Flash Balm, I’ve been loving the Caviar Essence and I’ve used it so much over the past few weeks. I’ve actually used this so much that it’s running really low now, it’s like a bottle of heaven, I swear! Again, it has that sweet rose scent which is divine, and it’s just such a lovely product to apply before moisturiser. I tend to cleanse and tone my face, and then apply a bit of this before any oils and moisturisers I want to use. It adds hydration to my skin and feels so soothing on it, especially after a good cleanse. It absorbs so nicely into my face too which makes it a really easy product to add to my nightly skincare routine.


Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Oil // I’ve been desperate to try out this oil for the longest time and this month I finally added it to my collection… it’s safe to say it hasn’t disappointed. I noticed results the morning after the first night of using it and I’ve kept it in my routine ever since. My skin just looks so much glowier on a morning and I’ve noticed a reduction in my redness which is something I suffer quite badly with, especially since my natural skin is quite pale. I have both sensitive and dry/combo skin and I’ve seen such a difference in the smoothness of my skin too, I definitely think I would miss this from my routine if I stopped using it now!


Antipodes Manuka Honey Light Day Cream // This moisturiser has to be my new favourite product of all at the moment. I’ve raved about it a bit on my insta stories but oh my goshhhh, if you want a good moisturiser – get this one. I do absolutely love and highly recommend the clinique moisture surge for dry skin, but for a lightweight everyday moisturiser for combination skin, you NEED this. It smells absolutely gorgeous, it sinks in like a dream and it leaves my skin feeling incredible. I always knew I loved Antipodes as a brand but this moisturiser is the best product I have ever tried from them. I picked it on a whim and have fallen absolutely in love. I didn’t even know I could love a moisturiser this much?!


Cougar Caffeine Enriched Hyaluronic Acid Facial Oil // This product is an absolute gem if you have dehydrated skin. It’s such an affordable facial oil too, this brand is amazing for those on a budget! This is another product I picked up on a whim and one that I’ve been loving. I did actually see Jodie mention some of these products a while ago so the choice was a teeny bit spurred on by that, but apart from that I had no idea if I would like the products. This facial oil is so hydrating yet isn’t like a greasy oil if that makes sense? It’s almost like a watery consistency that melts into the skin. I love that about it because it doesn’t accentuate my oily areas at all yet adds some much needed moisture into my skin. I highly recommend this brand if you’re looking for some new skincare and don’t want to spend too much!


Antipodes Kiwi Seed Oil Eye Cream // Another new fave from Antipodes has to be the Kiwi Seed Oil Eye Cream. This is another product that I hadn’t heard anything about and just chose on a whim, yet it has turned out to be incredible just like all my other Antipodes products! I actually have two new Antipodes eye creams now, but I haven’t been using the other one for very long so I can’t express my thoughts on that one yet. This one, I’ve found to hydrate my under eye area like a dream and I’ve had no dryness at all when applying makeup. My concealer has hardly been creasing too which is something I usually struggle with no matter what products I use, so this eye cream is not leaving my routine any time soon – it’s a life saver!


What skincare products have you been loving lately?


~ This post contains gifted products but all thoughts are my own. ~