Adding Luxury to Your Bedroom.

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When it comes to redecorating and making improvements to your home, is your own bedroom at the bottom of your to-do list? It often is. We get the lounge right; we spend a long time designing a trendy and functional kitchen, we make sure our hallway is welcoming and inviting, our bathroom is clean and hygienic, and we take the time to make sure any children’s or guest bedrooms look amazing and have everything they need. Our own bedrooms get left behind because no one else sees them. We want to show our homes off and be proud to invite guests around, so we focus on the areas that they see. Our bedrooms are just for us, and we largely only sleep in them, so they just don’t seem as important.


But, that’s exactly why they are more important. Your bedroom is your space. The one place in your house that’s just for you (and your partner). It’s not for kids or guests; it’s yours. It’s where you are intimate and exposed, it’s where you can express yourself freely without worrying about others, and it’s where you finish and start your days. A well designed and comfortable bedroom can help you to relax and get a great night’s sleep, helping to improve your health and your mood and making sure that you start your days right. So, why not add some luxury?


The Bed

The bed is the most important part of any bedroom. Your bed should be large and inviting. It should face the door so that it takes the full focus of the room, greeting you as you walk through the door and helping you to relax ready for sleep. It should also be comfortable. Find a mattress that supports your back, pillows that look after your neck and bedding from luxe home interiors that caresses your body and eases you off to sleep.



Hotel bedrooms are known for their luxury and glamour. One thing most hotel rooms have in common that often isn’t found in home bedrooms is seating options. A comfortable chair gives you further ways to use your room. You can sit in comfort while you do your makeup or cuddle up with a good book in the afternoon. Make the most of your private room by adding seating.



There’s nothing more luxurious than soft, gentle textures. Your bed linen is the first place to add luxurious materials, but it’s certainly not the only place. Add other options with blankets and throws on the bed and chairs. Install a soft run so that your feel steps on to a cloud every morning and add thick velvety curtains to help you sleep and improve the atmosphere of the room.



Lighting is an important part of getting a good night’s sleep and setting the tone of a room. If all you’ve got is a bright overhead light, you’re not giving yourself many options. Add lamps and lanterns to help give your room more.



Mirrors can add a lot of glamour and help to make your room look larger. A long mirror body length mirror is great, but smaller decorative pieces can also be effective.