The Art of Mixing and Matching Furniture.

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If you don’t want to decorate your living room by buying a standard furniture set and having your home look exactly the same as everybody else’s, you will need to become more skilled at the art of mixing-and-matching furniture. By choosing different items for your space, you will be able to express your personality and really put your own touches on the room. But you can’t simply force any old furniture together at expect it to work together naturally. So, here are a few of the basic rules that you can follow.


Start with One Important Piece


Rather than looking at a number of different items all at once, you should start with one important piece and work around this. Often, this will be a big item like a couch, but it could just as easily be an antique chair or something similar. Take a look at some of the Chesterfield furniture pieces available here for some possible options. Going online is a good starting point, but it is always worth checking out the furniture pieces in person. Make sure that it fits in well with the space that you have available as you don’t want it to overpower the room.


Don’t Let Accessories Sway You


When you are out to buy furniture, it will always be piled up with cushions, throws, pillows and other accessories. But it is the actual piece that you should be looking at in more detail, not the additional items. You can always personalise it at a later date depending on the individual style that you choose for your living room. And if you suddenly feel like changing the style of your room, a simple way of doing this is by updating the accessories rather than the whole pieces.


Choose Items to Complement Your Key Piece


Once you have your key furniture piece, you can then start to select some complementing items. There are many ways of picking furniture that ‘works’ together. Choosing items of the same colour is perhaps the simplest way to unite them. Otherwise, you could pair them based on their shape, scale, fabric or style. Maybe you could choose a couple of modern pieces and a couple of traditional ones to create a cohesive look.


Get Inspiration from the Professionals


You may feel like hiring your own interior designer is way outside of your budget range, but there are some furniture stores that offer room-planning services. Otherwise, you could simply look online at pictures of interiors and advice from professional designers. Even if you don’t match their rooms exactly, you could still use their styles as inspiration for you to enhance your home decorating abilities.


Mixing-and-matching furniture is one of the great joys of creating beautiful spaces in your home, so use this advice as a starting point. Over time, you should start to become more adept at choosing the styles that work for each room.