Dear Reuben…

a letter to my baby boy mother's day dear reuben

A letter to my baby boy…

Dear Reuben,

I never imagined my life revolving around one person like this before you came along. I had no idea just how much you would change my life, and for the better. Even on those tough parenting days, I fall in love every time I look at your sweet little face. It doesn’t matter how many tantrums you have in one day, I always pick you up and smother you in kisses at the end of it. I love what a sweet mannered little boy you are, you have recently started to kiss me every time you hear me say the words “love you” and it’s the best thing in the world. You have also started to blow kisses to all of the people around you, you’re such a loving little boy. I love that you run up to me for cuddles and how excited you are to see me when I come in your room to wake you up first thing on a morning. I also find it so cute when you try and share your food with me – that’s definitely true love right there kid.

You get louder everyday and love to scream with happiness. You’re the cheekiest little chap but I love that about you. I love how big your personality is and how smart you are, you don’t really talk to us yet but you are so intelligent in your own little way. If you want to do something, you are determined to do everything you can to get there. I love how you stand at the window watching people and cars go by, sometimes tapping on the window and waving hello to strangers. For someone who is never around other children and doesn’t really socialise yet, you are so, so friendly and it’s the sweetest thing ever.

I find it hilarious that you constantly go in my makeup drawer and run off to your room with my beauty blender. You have a serious obsession with that thing. I love that you go to your room and walk all the way back to mine bringing books and toys with you to show me and play with. You also love to climb on my bed so that you can reach my desk and get my makeup brushes – you tend to brush your hair with them and I think it’s so sweet. Sometimes you like to try and pull my very expensive camera equipment off my desk by the camera strap but that’s okay… you’re just trying to be a photographer like mama right? You are also a cheeky little devil who likes to occasionally throw things down the toilet and then act all sheepish when I find out. But even though I tell you off, you always get cuddles afterwards because I just find it impossible to be cross with that little chubby face for long.

Your chubby cheeks and chunky legs are my favourite, along with your kissable little button nose and those beautiful blue eyes. Not to mention that fine blonde hair, and even though it’s always the biggest frizzy mess on a morning (sorry you got that from me) I love the cute little curls that you get at the back of your head. I could spend all day describing all the things I love about you, because there isn’t a single thing that I don’t. Maybe the fact that you like to throw food on the floor but we’ll just forget that part.¬†You are my whole world and more and as much as I wish time would slow the hell down, watching you grow up into such a gorgeous little boy and getting to spend every single day with you is the best gift I could ever have asked for.

There are some things that you don’t understand yet and I’m afraid for when you do. I worry that when you grow up you’ll ask me why other children have two parents and you only have one, but I hope that you will never ever feel unloved because of that. I vow to spend my life being the best mummy and daddy I can possibly be to you, to make sure that you are forever surrounded with love and affection. My heart could burst with how much love I have for you kid, you are perfect in every way. Thank you for making me a mummy and giving Mother’s Day a whole new meaning.

 Love, your mummy x

a letter to my baby boy mother's day dear reuben

Happy Mother’s Day to all you beautiful mama’s out there, especially the ones that are doing it alone – you are superheroes. I hope you all have the best day with your loved ones x