Why Everyone Should Have A Little More Florals In Their Life.

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Ask anyone what their favourite flower is, and they’ll have an answer for you. It could be the springtime stalwart of the daffodil, the luxurious white orchid or the delicate bluebell. No matter what the fauna of choice is, everyone appreciates a little bit of greenery in their lives. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking to add some flora into your interior design, you fancy a new floral print top or you fancy flexing your horticultural muscles outdoors, everyone should make room for a little bit more greenery in their life. Flowers can boost mood, enliven a drab room and make a space feel brighter and more welcoming. Take a look at how you can add a sprinkling of florals into your existence.


Be Bold

If you’re going to be renovating a room in your home anytime soon, you may want to consider adding a touch of floral print into your space. A bold feature wall complete with oversized and bold floral pattern can add that sprinkling of colour you might be lacking. While neutral tones and gentle hues are calming, a shock of brightness can also be good for the soul. Taking inspiration from your feature wall, you can then add colour to your other furnishings such as cushions, throws and drapery.


You may want to put a Yukka or two into your living spaces to help maintain a cleaner environment and add a touch of deep green into your interior. Bringing the outdoors inside can be the perfect pick me up on those colder winter days.


Your Wardrobe

If you opened your wardrobe recently to view a sea of brown, black and navy pieces of clothing staring back at you, you need to consider brightening up your range of attire. Pieces taken from the Taifun collection are inspired by a range of fauna such as their daisy print blouse and rose print velvet top. Using more muted tones and pastel accents, the designs aren’t too garish or too bold. By focusing the print on your top half, you can leave your trouser or pencil skirt as a single colour to give your frame a flattering shape.



If you love hosting the odd soiree or two and the weather is warming up, you might fancy partaking in a spot of al fresco dining. Just as you would dress the interior of your house for such a dinner party, you need to dress the external dining area. If you have a patio space complete with awning, this is the ideal space in which to add a spot of fauna to dress your area. Gypsum is the perfect flower to adorn any dinner table with its neutral white hue. No matter what the theme of your dinner party is, a white flower will look stunning and make the area smell beautiful.


You may also want to get stuck in with your garden. If you love getting green fingered and experimenting with greenery, why not add some more exotic or colourful ranges to your flower beds. Rose bushes, foxgloves and wildflowers can make a bold impact yet require very little maintenance or pruning.


While many people may feel out of their depth when it comes to knowing their clover from their chrysanthemum, this doesn’t mean they don’t love the ambience that florals can create. Have a go and experiment with all things floral to add a tad more fauna and greenery into your life.