Five Accessories That Make Or Break Your Office Style.

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Looking good on your nights out might be one of your first priorities, but it is also important that you pay attention to your everyday style and looks. You must appear professional and sophisticated every day you turn up at the office, no matter what your position is. Find your way of applying subtle makeup that highlights your best facial features, and make sure that you choose your outfits that are not too competitive for other women and not too revealing for the men in the office. Accessories are equally important. Below you will find a list of items that can make or break your office style.

  1. Bracelet/Watch

Nobody wants to look like “Plain Jane” when turning up at the office. While you might be wearing your usual gray costume, you can improve your appearance and stand out by adding a designer watch or bracelet. You can find your style online or in your favorite store in downtown, and effortlessly improve your looks.

  1. Tie/Scarf

To spruce up that black jacket and skirt, you might want to add just a little bit of color. If you can create a sizeable collection of ties and scarves to wear with your office clothes, you can mix and match styles and create your own fashion statement without breaking the dress code of your company. Be brave and be bold, using floral and geometric patterns to create contrast.

  1. Shoes

When men and women in the office look you up and down, they will often notice your shoes. No matter what colors you wear while working, you will need to find the matching color and style shoes to go with them. A warm color, such as orange and brown will be great with a beige suit, and black goes almost with everything. White shoes are having a return to the fashion scene, so use them to make a smart casual statement this spring and summer.

  1. Glasses

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Your glasses don’t only help you see the computer monitor better, but can also define your looks and face. You can check out the latest Womens glasses that match your personality and create a sophisticated and intelligent appearance in every situation. Consider how you usually wear your hair, and your complexion before you choose your pair or multiple frames to go with your outfits.

  1. Handbag

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Some women have a handbag for every outfit. If you have limited wardrobe space, you might want to get just a few to match your different looks. Get a conservative clutch bag for when you need to look smart on meetings, and a more casual one for dress-down days or events. A white, gray, red, and green handbag will be enough for you to combine your accessories with every outfit, without breaking the bank. Style your handbags with charms and pom-poms that fit your daily style.


When it comes to office fashion, your accessories matter just as much as your outfit. Mix and match in a bold and brave manner, and add some color through your ties, bracelets, and scarves. Dress your handbag to make a statement, and you are ready for that big meeting with the boss.