Five Face Masks That You Need To Try.

face mask top five favourites fresh rose amour noir magnetic mask masque bar gold foil mask lush cup o' coffee mask scrub

Love a good face mask? Here’s five of my favourites…


Is it even a pamper evening unless you have a good face mask on? Nope, no it isn’t. I’ve been trying out so many different ones over the past few weeks and I’ve rounded up a small selection of my faves. Dry skin? Problematic skin? Oily skin? I got ya covered below.


face mask top five favourites fresh rose amour noir magnetic mask masque bar gold foil mask lush cup o' coffee mask scrub


Lush Cup O’ Coffee Face & Body Mask

I finally got my hands on this mask for the first time around Christmas time last year, and I’ve been hooked on it ever since. I’m also still on my first pot which just goes to show that it’s great value for ££. Not only does it smell insane (think freshly brewed coffee on a morning) but it it exfoliates my skin like an absolute dream. I have to stop myself from using this everyday because it’s so addictive, I have combination skin and it doesn’t accentuate my dryness or my oiliness so it’s fab for all skin types. It helps remove dead skin cells, leaves my face feeling so lush (ha) and on top of all that it also helps prevent blemishes from appearing. I’ve noticed such a difference in my skin since I added this little gem to my routine and it’s the perfect Sunday treat to prepare your face for the week ahead. Couldn’t be without this now, it’s a staple!


Fresh Rose Face Mask

I got the Fresh Rose Mask last month and I swear to you – it’s an absolute dream. This little number is infused with real rose petals that melt into your skin, leaving it completely hydrated and toned. It’s a gel formula that has such a cooling effect on the skin and I can see it being a must have product during the summer months for that reason alone. I’ve been loving this over the cold period we’ve had lately because of the hydrating properties of the mask, it’s left me with such supple skin meaning that my makeup has applied much smoother than usual. If you love radiance boosting products then you will also love this one because I always wake up with much brighter skin after using it the night before.


Masque Bar Gold Foil Sheet Mask

Now admittedly, I really don’t see the hype around sheet masks. In fact I could say I hate them – they just don’t stay on my face at all, they hang off and drip everywhere and yeah, they’re just not designed for me. Why is this one in my five favourite masks you may be wondering? Well, as much as I didn’t really enjoy wearing the actual mask itself… it did actually make my skin feel bloody wonderful. It left my face feeling so fresh and hydrated and the fact that it was cold to apply was really quite nice during a hot steamy bath. I think if I laid down for half an hour whilst I wore one of these, I would have no problem, but because I’m a busy mum and generally put a face mask on in the middle of doing 101 jobs, they’re just not ideal for me. I will however probably stock up on these during summer as they will be perfect for those hot humid days and I’ll just have to give myself half an hour to have a lie down so that it can’t slip and slide all over the place won’t I?! I’ve actually used the rose gold one too which also left my skin feeling lovely and soothed so I would recommend picking one of these up if sheet masks are your thang.


face mask top five favourites fresh rose amour noir magnetic mask masque bar gold foil mask lush cup o' coffee mask scrub


Amour Noir Magnetic Face Mask

I have never tried anything like a magnetic mask before, and to put it simply… they are so cool. The Amour Noir Magnetic mask contains dead sea minerals which are designed to cleanse and detoxify the skin. Used regularly it will also help rejuvenate your face too, as well as keeping it hydrated. In the box you get the mask itself in a handy little glass jar, an application spoon and a magnet tool. Essentially, you just slather your face in the black mask, using the application spoon if you wish, and then after you’ve left it on for 5-10 minutes, you use the magnetic tool to pull it off. It’s amazing how it works, it literally pulls the mask off your face like it’s insane. My skin felt so cleansed and smooth after I used this and I had such a healthy glow to my face. It says you get 3-5 uses out of the pot depending on your application and I’ve used it twice so far and have plenty of product left. If you love masks that leave your face feeling lovely and cleansed then you will love this one!


NSPA Beauty Masks

The fifth mask choice is a bit of a trick, as there isn’t a specific mask from this brand that I recommend… I love them all. I was kindly sent a selection of masks from this brand, which is exclusive to ASDA and I have loved every single one that I’ve used. They retail for £1.50 each and you can get at least 2-3 uses from one sachet which is amazing for the price. Each of the masks have a scent and they are all so strong that as soon as you apply it, you’re overwhelmed with the scent – which is a good thing IMO. I love any pamper product that has a wonderfully strong scent. I think if I had to pick a favourite, it would be the sweet almond & shea butter scent because oh my lorddddd, for sweet scent lovers this is the best ever. I highly recommend picking a couple of these up in your local ASDA because I promise you won’t regret it.


face mask top five favourites fresh rose amour noir magnetic mask masque bar gold foil mask lush cup o' coffee mask scrub


What are your favourite face masks to use?


This post contains gifted products.