Five Ways to Improve Your Living Area This Year.

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If you have been dreaming about a modern and bright living room that is great to look at and feels like you, it might be time to get brainstorming. Your living area is the scene of family conversations, catching up with friends, romantic nights in, and family movie afternoons. You deserve a space that feels just right, and helps you express your personality and values. Below you can find a few tips on getting started.


1. Add Storage

If your living room looks small and cluttered, you should blame your existing furniture. If they don’t provide you with enough storage, it might be time for a change. You could get a storage or Ottoman pouf where you store your blankets and spare cushions, so the place always looks tidy. If you cannot hide your office in your living area any more, you will either have to move your desk or enclose the workplace.

2. Create Light

Image via Patrick Perkins


The brighter your living room is, the larger it will look. Open your space, if you can, and make sure that you are adding as much natural light as possible. If you have a small back room that doesn’t get enough sunlight, you might want to think about adding glass tiles over the door, so you can benefit from a lighter space in your home. This is a budget-friendly way of styling your home, and you will not have to enlarge your windows.


3. Upgrade Your Seats

You might want to stay comfortable in your living room, and this means that your sofa must be the right one for your needs and personality. Add chairs where you can relax and watch TV, and design the space in a way that you can always have a conversation with everyone present, and all your family members can see the TV screen during movie nights. Browse the collection of Alexander and James Sofas for inspiration.


4. Declutter

Image via Kari Shea


When embarking on a journey of home improvement and design, you might want to get rid of home furnishing items that no longer serve a purpose or make you smile. You can, however, upcycle your old furniture and turn it into something beautiful and unique, if you are good at DIY. Look for old ornaments that don’t give out a positive vibe, or fit in your new environment.

5. DIY Decorations

To save money on decorative items, after you have changed your living room design, you can look for inspiration on Instagram. From upcycling old frames and giving them a new life to creating your own stencil designs and rustic candle holders, there are plenty of ways you can save money and make your room feel just right.


The one room that you should never neglect in your home is your living area. It needs to make you smile whenever you arrive and kick your shoes off after a hard day at work. To make the most out of your budget, consider your options carefully, maximize your space, and make clutter disappear, so your can enjoy a light and bright, clear space that represents you personality.