Jewellery Picks For Mother’s Day.

mother's day gift jewellery

Two gorgeous jewellery picks for this Mother’s Day…


So as you all probably know, in the UK, Mother’s Day is 11th March which is this Sunday. If you haven’t got your mum a gift yet, or if you haven’t chosen one for yourself from your little one – that’s where I’m here to help. I ended up with two beautiful pieces that I couldn’t be more in love with, one of which was kindly sent to me and the other one was a little something that I treated myself to. So today I’m sharing them both with you all, as they’re equally as gorgeous and I think you’ll love them as much as I do!


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The first beautiful piece is this the personalised double disc necklace from Bloom Boutique. I was so overwhelmed when I received this through the post because I just didn’t expect it at all and it’s such a thoughtful gift. They personalised it with ‘Mama’ & ‘Ru’ for me, like how sweet is that? It’s also in rose gold which I absolutely love. This is now one of my favourite necklaces to wear as it’s got such a sentimental value to it. I was thrilled to receive a gift from Bloom Boutique as the range of jewellery on their website is literally the best, they have the most gorgeous selection. This double disc necklace comes in gold, rose gold, silver or sterling silver and you can also get an adult or child sized chain. I’ve actually bought my own mums Mother’s Day gift from Bloom (don’t worry, she already knows she’s getting jewellery) but she might read this so I can’t give away what I picked 😉 I definitely recommend having a browse if you’re on the look out for a beautiful, thoughtful gift because you can’t go wrong with how many things there is to choose from.


The second piece that I have is actually quite similar in terms of style, it’s also a disc necklace that’s personalised, but this one just has an initial rather than a name. This is the initial pendant from Kate Spade and I am completely in love with mine. This one is a little bit pricier than the Bloom Boutique option but it’s Kate Spade so how can you say no? I got this in gold with an ‘R’ on (obviously) because I saw Hannah Gale wearing an ‘A’ one for her little boy Atticus and I just neeeeeeded one for myself as my Mother’s Day gift from Reuben. I love how simple but elegant it is, it’s one of those pieces that you can just wear all the time and never take off. It also has the most gorgeous little details, like the little charm near the clasp with a tiny gem on one side and a spade on the other. I actually think £50 is really affordable for a Kate Spade pick too, just me? Anyway, I could not be happier with this, and have I mentioned that it came with a gorgeous free gift box too? A pretty big one as well to say it’s just a little necklace! I’m going to pop it on one of my shelving units for decoration because it’s a beaut.


Overall I think both of these picks are beautiful and any lady would be lucky to receive either. They compliment everything I wear and they’re so dainty so you honestly can’t go wrong. There’s also some more gorgeous options over on OD’s Designer Clothing, if your mum is into something with more detail. I’m obsessed with this necklace, it’s so gorgeous!


Have you picked out your Mother’s Day gifts yet?



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