Mother’s Day With Harrods.

harrods mother's day picks mother's day gifts

Need to pick up some treats for Mother’s Day? Harrods have you covered…


Every time I take a trip down to London, I usually pop by Harrods. If you don’t know who they are, they are a luxury department store that can be found in Knightsbridge, down in London. Not only is it gorgeous on the outside, but it’s stunning on the inside too! Even when I don’t buy anything in there, I always come out feeling so inspired by all the beautiful homeware and interior. It’s safe to say when they sent me over a Mother’s Day package full of goodies I was veryyyyyyy excited! Harrods is the perfect place to pick your mum up a little something for Mother’s Day this year as the gifts they offer are so gorgeous and luxurious. They also have so many different departments full of all kinds of different things, so you’re sure to find something that she’d like. Anyway without further ado, here’s the treats that I was lucky to be sent over…


harrods mother's day picks mother's day gifts

harrods mother's day picks mother's day gifts


The first treat I saw when I opened my goodie bag was this gorgeous box of Percy’s Bakery Strawberry & Almond Biscuits. Now if you know me, you know I have a huuuuge sweet tooth so there’s nothing I love more than receiving a delicious box of treats. These are almond flavoured biscuits layered with strawberry chocolate and decorated with toasted almond flakes and chunks of strawberry. They honestly taste as divine as they look, they’re delicious! They also taste a bit like a strawberry version of a cherry bakewell which I can totally get on board with. Harrods also have other offerings from the same brand if your mum would like an alternative flavour so it’s worth having a look. I loved these so much that I may have to pop in and have a browse next time I’m in London…


The other treat that was included was a jar of their Raspberry & Rose Petal Preserve which has the most beautiful packaging ever for a jar of jam! Just look at those copper details, I love. One of my favourite breakfasts (or snacks!) is jam and toast so I have really been enjoying digging into this jar of deliciousness. They also have quite a lot of other flavoured jams so if you fancy treating your mum to one there’s plenty to choose from. It would also be a really lovely gift to buy if you’re planning on treating her to breakfast in bed!



harrods mother's day picks mother's day gifts


I think the selection of Fresh products that they treated me to have to possibly be, the best Mother’s Day gift ever. I have been dying to try some Fresh skincare for the longest time, but just couldn’t justify it since I have an overflowing skincare drawer already. I think this is what makes this an even better treat though, as it’s something I probably wouldn’t have got to own otherwise and I’ve heard nothing but fab things about this brand! I’ve been using these products ever since they arrived and it’s safe to say they have not disappointed yet. I was sent products from the Fresh rose collection which is absolutely perfect for me, as rose is one of my all time favourite scents, I can’t get enough!


The Rose Cleansing Foam has fast become one of my favourite cleansers, I love that it applies like a foam but quickly sinks into my skin to such a thin consistency. It’s so lightweight which makes it incredibly easy to wash off, and I’m all about skincare products that require minimal effort! I think what I mostly love about this cleanser is that it’s not drying whatsoever, it’s actually hydrating if anything. I’ve been suffering with super dry skin this winter so I need all the hydrating products in my life. The Deep Hydration Face Serum has been amazing for hydrating my skin too. It sinks right into my skin and it’s so soothing which is such a treat after cleansing my face on an evening, especially if I’ve been using blemish treatments.


Two products that I’ve wanted to try for the longest time are the Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream and the Rose Face Mask, which were very kindly included. The rose face mask is a cooling gel formula mask which feels so nice on my skin. I’ve been using this as a second mask after applying less gentle ones like pore clearing clay masks or blackhead treatments and it makes my skin feel soothed and hydrated again. I’ve also been using the rose face cream morning and evening since it arrived, and I can’t believe how hydrating it is! I’ve only been using the tiniest amount and it’s been keeping my skin so soft and supple. If you love rose scented products and have dry skin then I highly recommend picking this one up. And if your mum is a beauty/skincare lover, then the Fresh rose products would make such a lovely luxurious gift to pamper herself with.



harrods mother's day picks mother's day gifts


I was pretty happy to see a couple of treats from The White Company in there as I absolutely love their scented candles so I knew these would smell amazing. I have the Seychelles Soap and the Hand & Body Cream which both smell lovely. I’ve already got the soap on a soap dish in my bathroom and I’ve been covering myself in the hand & body cream every night due to my very dry skin at the moment! I actually applied this before my tan the other night and I ended up with not a single dry area on my body. It made me smell incredible too.


harrods mother's day picks mother's day gifts


If you’re still on the look out for the perfect Mother’s Day gift then I definitely recommending having a browse of Harrods online, or even better in store. I’m planning on popping in for a visit when I go down to London in April and I can’t wait to see what gifts I find. Even though Mother’s Day will have passed by then, it will be coming up to my mums birthday so I will definitely be seeing if I can pick her up a few treats.


Have you ordered gifts from Harrods before?


~ These products were kindly gifted to me by Harrods, but this is an honest review. ~


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