5 Reasons To Visit Mexico This Year.

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If you are the type of traveller who would rather go out and explore every day, instead of sitting on the beach, visiting Mexico is a great idea this year. With so many events going on throughout the year, and plenty of historic and cultural sites to explore, you absolutely need to get Mexico on your bucket list. If you haven’t yet explored the adventures offered by this country, below you’ll find a list of things you should not miss out on.

  1. The Food

Image via Toa Heftiba


Visiting your local Mexican restaurant regularly is great, but when you try authentic local food, you will feel and taste the difference. Foodies can sign up for special culinary tours, offering the best of every region’s tables. Make sure you pay a visit to one of the cocoa farms in Mexico to find out how real chocolate is made, and sample organic desserts made according to traditional recipes.

  1. Cheap Tours and Car Rental

When you visit Mexico, your dollars will go much further. You can get a car for the entire vacation for less than you would think. Local tour operators are competing with each other when offering special packages, so you can get out and about more during your vacation in Mexico. If you are a budget traveller, you should absolutely put Mexico on your travel bucket list.

  1. Great Weather

Mexico’s weather is great for enjoying the great outdoors, and all hotels and apartments available for tourists have air conditioning. Enjoy the dry season to go on a tour, or the wet season to explore the cultural sites and museums. You will find generally drier conditions in the North, but after October, you will find mild and dry weather all around the country. Whether you want to explore the dramatic coastline or the ancient ruins, you will find the weather perfect for your chosen activity.

  1. UNESCO World Heritage Sites


Image via Obed Hernández


If you are interested in the culture of South America, there’s no better place to be than in Mexico City. Just outside of Mexico City, you’ll find the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve and discover some of the most colourful species of butterflies gathering in the area. Visit the Historic Center of Mexico City for some great photo opportunities, or the Whale Sanctuary of El Vizcaino. Make sure that you choose a central location for your tours. Check out Courtyard Queretaro and visit the historic centre, also a UNESCO world heritage site.

  1. Festivals

Whether you would like to take part in the Day of the Dead celebrations in the end of October, or visit the balloon festival in November at Veracrux, colourful and entertaining festivals await you in Mexico. In case Madri Gras is your thing, check out the Mexican version: Carnaval in Mazatlán and enjoy the vivid scenes, live music, and great atmosphere.


Mexico offers so much more for travellers than pristine beaches and cheap markets. Whether you’re a foodie or are interested in the culture, you will love this country with its friendly scenes and budget-friendly packages.