Current Hair Styling Faves.

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The products that are styling my hair like a pro…

Just like I never really used to be into skincare (I know, shock) I wasn’t much into haircare either until lately. Umberto Giannini have completely changed the game for me, and I’ve been trying out more and more of their products and falling in love. These products have left my hair feeling like new and keept my hair styled all day long so if you love having luscious locks then keep reading to find out what I’ve been loving.


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60 Second Smooth Treatment // I tend to dye my hair quite a lot, it’s at least once a month that I make a trip to the hairdressers to get my roots touched up. I constantly chop & change my mind about the colour that I’m also forever getting bleach added in to lighten it up when I’m feeling like it. So of course this leaves my hair feeling quite dry on the ends despite my oily roots and I’m always on the look out for masks and conditioning treatments to help add a bit of moisture back into it. When I first tried out the 60 second smooth pre-shampoo treatment from UG, I was blown away by the results. I popped this on just before I washed my hair like it says, and whilst you only have to leave it on for 60 seconds, I usually leave mine on a tad longer since I like to multi-task and cleanse my face whilst I’m waiting. I usually have it on for a couple of minutes, sometimes longer, but my gosh does it work! I come out of the bath feeling like I’ve just left the hairdressers, my hair is that silky! A few people have already bought it on my recommendation and told me how much they love it too. I honestly cannot recommend it enough if you have dry hair, it’s a game changer.


Frizz Control Miracle Styling Milk // I’ve never come across a styling product that genuinely works on my hair and keeps it in place all day. I rarely go a day without curling my hair, it’s naturally a complete frizzy mess and I hate how it looks straight, so it always, always gets curled. I’ll sometimes brush those curls out so that I have more a loose wave look which is my signature style, but sometimes I like to get my curlers out to achieve a lot of definition. Whatever I do, I never apply product to it as things like hairspray literally just do the opposite of holding it in place and make it fall out and it just ends up straight within 30 minutes. Having said all of this, I was eager to try out the UG frizz control styling milk, as I really hoped that it would work on my naturally frizzy hair. I can genuinely say I’ve finally found a styling product that works for me, I comb this into the ends of my hair after I’ve washed it, let it dry and then style it like normal the morning after. Every time I’ve styled my hair after using this it’s stayed in place alllllll day, it’s an actual miracle. My curls have never lasted this long it’s insane! I did a little insta story raving about it and showing the results after my hair was still curled 7 hours into my day so you may have seen that if you follow me. It’s still on my instagram highlights under ‘hair’ if you want to see this product in action!


Mess Up Texturising Spray // One hair product that I can’t be without is a texturising spray. I have a few of these on rotation, one of my favourites is the Ouai wave spray however it’s quite pricey so I don’t like to use it everyday. I recently discovered the UG mess up texturising spray and I am loving it hugely so far. It’s less of a mist and more of an actual hairspray that instantly adds texture and definition to my curls. I lose so much texture to my hair when I add heat and it gets quite oily too so I am absolutely loving using this on a daily basis to give it back some bounce. I also love the catch a wave beach texture spray from UG, I’d say that ones a more affordable dupe for the Ouai wave spray!


What are your current hair styling favourites?


This post contains products that have been gifted to me.