How to Style Your Bathroom.

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When you have just moved in, the first thing you should do is make sure that the bathroom is nice and clean. Once the porcelain is shining and the floor is dust-free, you will feel so much better about being in your new home!


Bathrooms can cause some real problems when you first move in, but they can always be done up to your liking. Even if you have to compromise while you save for new tiles or a new suite, there are some quick and easy fixes you can do now.

Clean Out the Drains

It might not be the most pleasant task but clearing your bathroom drains will make a huge difference and if there is a dodgy smell going on, this is where you’ll find it. The cheapest method is to pour soda crystals into the drain and then add some vinegar. The two will react and start clearing the gunk. Leave it to work for half an hour or so (depending on the situation) then pour over a kettle-full of just-boiled water. Repeat as necessary!


If you have a more serious problem you could call a drainage company to come out and sort it out for you. In fact, if you have anything more serious than a blocked plug they are probably the best people to sort it out!

Mirrors and Lights

Once your bathroom is clean to your satisfaction, it’s important to bring in lots of light. Mirrors are ideal for bouncing light around and you can get mirror tiles as well as mirrored cabinets for the full effect. Putting a mirror directly opposite your window will make the biggest difference to your natural lighting.


Spotlights in the bathroom are another must and LED lights will always give you the most energy efficient bright lighting. Place the lights strategically so that when you look in a mirror, your face is well-lit but you aren’t being blinded! Backlit mirrors are also a good idea, especially if you want good lighting for putting your makeup on.

Be Creative with Shelves

Bathroom shelves can be really cheap – especially if you go for somewhere like Ikea – but are also quite easy to spruce up. In fact, being more creative with open shelves is a great way to bring character to any room. The key is to mix and match things to create a styled look rather than just shove anything anywhere.  


Roll or fold brightly coloured towels to make a rainbow effect and put a potted plant on top for some added greenery. Houseplants are having a real moment in interior design this year so there are a lot on offer for you to choose from.


Once your bathroom is clean, tidy and has a bit of your personality, you will quickly come to love this room. Over time, you can think about making some more expensive changes like replacing fittings or laying new tiles but for now at least, your bathroom feels more like home.