Letting More Natural Light into Your Home.

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Natural light is a wonderful thing. It’s our biggest source of vitamin D, which helps support our immune systems and prevents illness and disease. But, it’s more than that. Natural light helps to keep your skin, hair and nails young and healthy, it helps your body to regulate melatonin, helping you to get a great night’s sleep and it can have a vastly positive effect on your mood and your mental health. When looking for a new house, many of us consider how much natural light the homes that we view let in.


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Whether your home is already nice and light, or it’s a little dark and dull it’s always a good idea to find ways to let in a little more natural light. Here’s how you can do it.


Get Rid of Thick Curtains

Thick curtains, even in lighter colours can make a room feel very dark and closed in, and they are rarely fully open, they always block off a little of your window. Instead, replace them with soft, light curtains or visit makemyblinds.co.uk for an excellent alternative. Then, open them up whenever you can.


Open Your Windows

Of course, light can get in through your windows, but opening them up and letting some fresh air in too can help your home to feel fresh and bright. On a warm day, throw your windows open and let the outdoors in.


Give Your Garden Some TLC

The view out of your window plays a big part in the quality of the natural light that you are letting into your home. Make sure your garden is clean and tidy, turn it into a space that makes you smile and feel relaxed so that you want to look out at it as much as possible instead of wanting to hide it away. Then, make sure you trim any trees or shrubs around your windows and doors so that overgrowth doesn’t limit the light getting in.


Lots of White

The colour of your walls is exceptionally important. Light shades like white, cream and pastel colours will reflect the natural light coming in. They’ll make the space feel lighter, airier and larger, maximising the natural light.


But, walls aren’t the only way to do this. You could also add plenty of light, shiny wood to your tables, chairs, shelves and furniture and even light, wooden floors can reflect light.



Mirrors are of course the rest reflective surface out there. They will bounce natural light around the room, as well as making the space look a lot bigger. Mirrors can make an excellent addition to smaller rooms, or those that have a small source of natural light. Position them opposite windows and at eye level for maximum impact.


Install New Windows and Doors

If you can afford to, adding more windows, or bigger windows and larger glass doors can be a wonderful way to let more light in. If not, focus on keeping the ones that you’ve got clean so that they let in as much as they can.