The Accessories You Can Always Rely On.

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No matter the season we’re in, there’s a lot of accessories on the market that can really complete the look we’re going for. In the modern day and age people are indeed less and less worried about what they look like, but there’s still a special love out there for a scarf when it’s chilly outside and ankle bracelets for the sunny weather and the sandals.


But there’s also some accessories out there that work with absolutely everything! And if you’re looking to start your jewellery collection for the first time, you’re going to want some staples in your box that can make any outfit rock. With that in mind, here’s a quick list for your fashionable consumption.




Some Bright Earrings


Or anything that isn’t subtle but you’d still be comfortable to wear. When you’ve got bright hoops, feathers, or any other symmetrical shape hanging off of your ears to lighten up an otherwise neutral outfit means you can leave a good impression on anyone who wouldn’t usually give you a second glance. Plus, it’s subtle enough for the workplace! Ear cuffs work well when you’ve got your hair tied up, and they have more of a style range to them compared to traditional earrings due to their larger size.


Hats for Every Weather Condition


Whilst you wouldn’t store this in your jewellery box, hats are a great way to complement the rest of your clothing. Whether you’re the kind of person who likes snapbacks or the occasional beanie, make sure you buy up some hats of all different kinds of colours. They’re going to not only protect your head on hot and cold days, but they can easily hide unwashed hair when you had to rush out of the house in a casual way.


You’ll Need a Watch


And a different one for every day of the week if you’re the kind of person who believes in that! Watches are something that both look good on a person’s wrist, and can be incredibly stylish at the same time, especially if you’ve got a smart watch on your side to hold your calls.


A Necklace You Don’t Want to Take Off


You can find this kind of piece anywhere, especially if you like to go in for personalised jewellery. If your friends and family can identify you from afar because of the chain or choker you’ve got around your neck, you’re going to be setting a statement wherever you go. Not to mention you can swap out the stones or jewels you have hanging down your chest whenever you need to add a bit more pizazz to your black sweater or low cut cami top!  


How’s Your Jewellery Box Looking?


Whatever you’ve got in there, you can usually make it work by pairing them with the right jumpers and jeans. You might just be a casual person, or you might prefer the formal side of things. Either way, accessorising in the right way is going to make a huge difference.