Two From Bobbi Brown.

bobbi brown long-wear cream shadow stick golden pink long-wear sparkle stick rose quartz review swatches

Two new additions from Bobbi Brown…


bobbi brown long-wear cream shadow stick golden pink long-wear sparkle stick rose quartz review swatches

It may come as a surprise that I actually don’t own (or didn’t before now) own anything from Bobbi Brown. I feel like they weren’t really talked about very much until recently? I’ve seen a few bloggers chatting about their shadow sticks and as I was on the hunt to broaden my own shadow stick collection, I thought I’d pick some up from Bobbi Brown over other brands. I’ve developed a bit of an addition to shadow sticks lately because, as much as I love my eyeshadow palettes, I just want to be able to throw something on my eyes that makes me look like I’ve put the effort into my appearance – without actually putting much effort in at all… I hate going without anything on my eyes as I feel quite naked when they’re bare and I have very veiny lids which definitely need covering up! I also feel like my eyes are the best feature of my face so I can never do my makeup without putting at least one product on them to make them pop, and shadow sticks are the perfect companion for the easy and effortless makeup look I like to do on a morning. I was recently down in London and it was the perfect time to browse the BB counters as there aren’t any where I live, and being a newbie to BB I had no idea where to even begin. I went into the little BB store in Covent Garden to start with and swatched pretty much every shadow stick there was, coming out covered in glitter. I originally only picked up one whilst I was in there, but couldn’t stop thinking about one of the other shades I’d swatched whilst browsing after that – so I ended up picking up a second one in Selfridges. There’s no controlling my spending when I’m in London to say the least…


The first product I picked up is from their long-wear cream shadow stick range and it’s in the shade Golden Pink which just looked like the perfect subtle everyday shade. The second shade I fell in love with was Rose Quartz from the new long-wear sparkle stick range. Originally, I didn’t want anything overly glittery and the shades from the sparkle stick range all looked quite glam but the shades actually blend out into a much more subtle look and this one is gorgeous for everyday wear too!


bobbi brown long-wear cream shadow stick golden pink long-wear sparkle stick rose quartz review swatches


bobbi brown long-wear cream shadow stick golden pink long-wear sparkle stick rose quartz review swatchesYou can see from the photos of me wearing the two shades that they look a lot more subtle when blended out on the eyes than they do in the swatches here. They are obviously buildable on the eyes but for an easy everyday look the fact that they blend out like this is ideal for me. I just want to have something pretty on my eyes without it looking like too much and they fit the job description perfectly.┬áThe shade Golden Pink on the left is like a champagne pink which looks gorgeous all on its own as well as blended with a light brown crease shade or topped with a powder shadow of a similar shade for an extra pop. Rose Quartz on the right is a lot more glittery as it’s from the sparkle stick range but if I’m feeling a sparkly eye with minimal effort it’s the perfect shade to reach for. Again, it blends out and can look very subtle for everyday wear but it’s buildable if you want more of a pop. It also looks so beautiful paired with a dark crease shade for a smokey eye. Both shades are very versatile in that they can be worn for more of a casual look as well as dressed up for an evening look.


The lasting power of these shadow sticks is so good too, they haven’t creased on me once. I do wear a primer under them but that’s because I get oily lids and need one with anything I wear on my eyes, however some shadow sticks tend to crease on me even with a primer and I haven’t found that these do at all which is fab. I’m loving wearing both of these so much that I already want to pick up more shades and I’ve only had these ones for 5 minutes! I’ve got my eyes on the sparkle stick in Molten Bronze which looks stunning and perfect for that bronzey eye during the summer months.


Have you got any of the Bobbi Brown shadow sticks, what shade would you recommend?