A Better Night’s Sleep With Leesa.

leesa mattress review how to get a good nights sleep sleeping tips

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As a light sleeper, I struggle to sleep well on a night which isn’t great when you lead a busy life as a working mum. I actually can’t remember the last time I had a decent nights sleep before the magical mattress from Leesa came into my life. I used to struggle to fall asleep initially but I also had a very restless sleep where I was just waking up exhausted everyday. Thank god I have a toddler who loves a lie in because I don’t know how I’d have coped otherwise! For the past just over a week, I’ve been sleeping on it and I’m here to tell you all about how amazing it is…


leesa mattress review how to get a good nights sleep sleeping tips



So at first, I will admit that it took some getting used to. Not because I didn’t find it comfy (it was an absolute dream the first time I laid on it) but because for the last however many years I’ve always had a traditional spring mattress. I used to hate memory foam mattresses for some reason but this one has completely changed my view on them. I think since I became pregnant and had an epidural when I gave birth, my back has been a little more delicate and I so wish I’d got myself one of these sooner! For the first few nights I was suffering with a tiny bit of neck ache when I was waking up on a morning but I think it was the combination of my pillows with this new mattress which I soon changed up and now I sleep like an angel. I fall asleep ten times easier on a night than I did previously which is fab as there’s nothing worse than lying in bed being unable to drift off. Rather than having a disrupted sleep throughout the night, I’m now having the deepest sleeps full of crazy dreams and I’m actually struggling to wake up on a morning so I mean – I’m loving life!


The Leesa mattress is a premium foam mattress with a unique combination of three separate layers, designed to give the best comfort and support you need. It’s so supportive so if you suffer with back ache at all then it will probably change your life. It’s breathable and it’s firm without being too firm so that you don’t feel like you’re lying on a bed of soft bricks. It’s so much taller than my old mattress too so my bed is now a lot higher than before, however Ru soon mastered climbing up onto it, nothing stops him! The layers are made up of 5cm of avena foam which provides airflow for a cooler night’s sleep and a bit of bounce, 5cm of memory foam which provides the body contouring and then a 15cm foam base which adds strength, durability and structure. The layers are all protected with a four stripe grey cover that looks so lovely as you can see from my photos, nothing like your average ugly mattress!


leesa mattress review how to get a good nights sleep sleeping tips



Choosing your mattress size is obviously the first step, Leesa provide both UK and EU options and the prices start at £399 for a UK single. The mattresses are delivered rolled up and in a cardboard box so they arrive fairly compact considering their full size. I’m not going lie though, I felt like I’d ran a marathon when I finally got mine up two flights of stairs to my bedroom. After that it was pretty straightforward, you pop the mattress onto your bed frame, removed the plastic packaging and it rolls out flat and expands over the course of 24 hours. Mine had fully expanded within about half an hour I think so it didn’t take long at all for me! It can be slept on before this of course so don’t worry about that.


Leesa offer a free trial of the mattress for a period of 100 days so if it turns out that it’s not for you then they will come and collect it free of charge and either recycle it or donate it to a charitable foundation. They also donate one mattress to every ten sold which is super lovely of them.


leesa mattress review how to get a good nights sleep sleeping tips


If you fancy trying out one of these dreamboats for yourself, you can get £80 off by clicking this link here. I am so grateful to Leesa for bringing one of these into my life because I honestly thought I’d never have a good nights sleep again! Do you think you’ll be trying out one of these beauties?