Adding Details To Your Kitchen.

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When it comes to decorating your kitchen, it can be hard to add pretty details without it getting too cluttered. Kitchens look best, and are far more convenient when they have lots of empty space so you don’t have to move things around when you’re cooking etc. My kitchen has huge open windows which I absolutely love as it lets in so much light to the room, it’s my favourite place to sit working when it’s a nice day. However this can sometimes be a bit of a nuisance if the sun is particularly bright that day as it gives me screen glare and I can’t see a thing. Sometimes if I’m baking I’ll leave say some iced cupcakes out on the top to set and on a warm day with the sun blaring in, they are most likely going to melt. Here are some additions that can come in handy for your kitchen, as well as making it look nicer.



The best way to combat the lighting issue whilst still letting light in, is to get yourself some blinds. Blinds are so much better than curtains for a kitchen as you can choose where the light goes and they can be fully shut or even fully open with the pull of a thread. Direct Blinds has some great options in that will sort out big open window spaces as well as making sure your kitchen looks super cute.


Spice Racks

Spice racks are so convenient to put on the wall of a kitchen, not only do they keep things nice and organised for cooking but they keep things out of cupboards and off work tops whilst adding detailing to the walls. You don’t just have to use them for spices either, I find they come in handy for all sorts of different kitchen essentials.


Herb Plants

If you have a big window sill like I do, then buying fresh herb plants can not only decorate a kitchen window area but they obviously also come in super useful for cooking with. I love greenery in my kitchen as I think it makes it look so fresh, so alongside potted plants I always add in some fresh herb plants too.


Storage Containers

There’s so many different types of storage containers these days, that you can always find something to suit your particular kitchen interior style. They do tend to take up a bit of space on a worktop but they store food and other things so well that it’s more of a convenience than an inconvenience. I know from personal experience that it’s much handier to have my little ones cereal on the top and easier to access than hidden away in a cupboard – toddlers are so impatient! I also like to have my tea, coffee and sugar at easy access so buying some cute tea and coffee containers is always a must.


So those are just a few ways to jazz up a kitchen space whilst keeping it open and clean, there are so many more options out there too. Pinterest is another great place for looking at pretty interior and storage inspo!