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Some picks from one of my fave skincare brands…


I may or may not be a little bit obsessed with skincare at the moment. The feel of freshly cleansed skin is like no other, especially when it’s followed by a luxurious moisturise! Whilst there are many, many brands that I use and love every month, Antipodes is by far one of the best. Even when I’m testing out new brands and trying out new things, I will always always come back to my Antipodes faves. So today I’m going to share a few of my favourite products of theirs and give you an insight to my (growing) collection.


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Aura Manuka Honey Mask

If there’s one mask you need in your life with dehydrated skin it’s the aura manuka honey mask from Antipodes. It hydrates and adds moisture back into your skin whilst helping fight breakouts and I can’t be without it, especially during winter. Most spot treating masks dry my skin out so badly and when my skin was at it’s worst during the winter that’s not what I needed so this little gem was a godsend. I usually use this twice a week when my skin is feeling dry and lacklustre.


Skin Brightening Serum

Okay so, once I start talking about this serum I’ll find it very hard to stop because I am genuinely addicted to this bottle of goodness. If you suffer with patchy red skin like I do then you will absolutely love this skin brightening serum. The second that I apply this to my face, the redness of my skin instantly reduces and it looks 10 times healthier and radiant. I honestly cannot recommend this serum enough if you hate looking like a beetroot, my skin goes from looking super stressed out to being more even in tone and leaving me looking so fresh!


Skin Brightening  Facial Mud Mask

Another fab mask from Antipodes is the facial mud mask. It’s the newest addition to my mask collection and I absolutely loooove it. It’s another mask that targets dullness as well as drawing out impurities and it leaves my skin feeling so fresh and cleansed. I think mud masks are actually my favourite types of mask to use as I love how clean my face feels after I’ve washed them off and this one is no exception. It’s not drying at all like a lot of mud masks can be and I would definitely recommend picking this up if you love your skin feeling all fresh after a good pamper.


Manuka Honey Skin Brightening Eye Cream

The manuka honey eye cream is currently the most used eye cream in my skincare stash. It’s suited for oily and blemish prone skin which is my skin to a T at the moment. It adds so much moisture to my under eye area and my dark circles are barely noticeable these days so I definitely put it down to the brightening properties of this bad boy!


Kiwi Seed Oil Eye Cream

Another eye cream from Antipodes I use quite a lot is the kiwi seed oil eye cream which helps to soften fine lines as well as moisturise the eye area. It’s so soothing and is the perfect companion if your eyes are feeling a little bit dull and tired. I love applying this on an evening after a humid day like the ones we’ve had recently as it’s so refreshing and cooling on my eyes.


Manuka Honey Skin Brightening Light Day Cream

If I had to choose a favourite product from Antipodes it would 100% be the manuka honey light day cream – oh my lord am I obsessed with this stuff! It’s my absolute favourite go-to moisturiser now, I love love, love it. It’s so lightweight yet adds so much moisture to my skin and soaks in like a dream and doesn’t accentuate my oily areas or leave my skin feeling greasy. It has natural antibacterial properties that help address blemishes which makes it the perfect everyday moisturiser. I tend to mix up my moisturisers as I have so many to get through and try out but if I want my skin to look particularly good for the day then I will always reach for this one. It makes my skin look so fresh and healthy so it’s great to use on a morning with and without makeup. Definitely recommend this if you’re thinking about picking up an Antipodes product!


Hallelujah Lime & Patchouli Cleanser

The hallelujah lime & patchouli cleanser is such a dreamy cleanser to use, particularly on dry skin. It’s so, so hydrating and has a lovely subtle scent to it. It’s very creamy so it’s super lightweight and not thick in the slightest, yet it leaves my skin feeling so cleansed removing all traces of makeup. I personally would use this all year round but I’d recommend it even more during the winter months.


Avocado & Pear Nourishing Night Cream

I think I already covered the avocado & pear night cream when I told you about the light day cream as the night cream is pretty much the exact same but a night cream rather than day cream obvs. It’s a bit thicker in texture I’d say but you kinda expect that from a night cream don’t you? It’s the perfect evening treat for your skin after a good cleanse and I wake up with lush glowing skin after using this!


Have you tried anything from Antipodes? What did you love?



This post contains products that have been kindly gifted to me but all opinions are my own.