Dating in 2018.

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Dating in this day and age has become such a complicated concept. Especially if you’re part of the middle aged generation like me. I’m 24 now which seems so young, yet so old?! Everyone around me seems to be in relationships, some are a couple of years younger and are even married! I have done things a little unconventionally and had the baby before the marriage – or even boyfriend, but you know, not on purpose. Half the time I couldn’t care less about dating and the rest of the time, I kinda wanna give it a shot you know?


The plus side of it being 2018 is that there are so many dating sites and apps available now that you have far more chance at accidentally meeting the man of your dreams. The downside is that they’re all so immature or only after one thing and one thing only. And let me tell you – even 20+ year olds will run at the sight of a baby?!


Real life is far from the fantasy of a rom com, long gone are the days of being romantic and courting. If you’re already with a guy like that then you are one lucky lady because they are few and far between these days. I guess if you want to date these days then you have to be prepared for a lot of waiting around, and being messed around. Guys take a lot longer to grow up than us gals and so many of them like playing games, I think it’s all about fishing out the good from the bad. It’s not always easy, some of them come across as lovely and turn out to be a whole other story but so many girls get their happy ending so it’s definitely possible isn’t it? It must be.


Why does nobody seem to ask anyone out anymore? In the past 6 months I couldn’t even count on one hand how many dates I’ve been asked on. Guys seem to start chatting to me and then the conversation dies out and it ends there, how hard is it to ask a girl out for a drink?! I even tried Bumble where the girl has to make the first move, only to get about 1 in 10 responses – like hello you matched with me why are you not talking? If they were stood in front of you that definitely wouldn’t happen so it is a downside to meeting someone over an app I suppose.


The best position I’ve ever been in to date was during my student days – getting drunk every week set me up for the perfect non awkward way to meet guys but I was too busy thinking about my future and having fun with my friends! If I could go back then I would definitely have done it a bit differently and gone out with people when I was asked. I always felt awkward so I said no to everything and never just took an opportunity to see where it went. It’s true that you always regret the things you didn’t do rather than what you did! I was even on tinder back then and still said no to a fair few guys that were actually pretty nice.


I have been on some pretty bad dates, mainly because they were just awkward. Others have been quite nice but there was no spark. The whole spark situ is definitely a thing because you know when it’s there. You know when you can feel something going somewhere and if you can’t then you’re just setting yourself up for disappointment by waiting for it. I tend to dip in and out of the dating scene because I feel like it will happen when it happens. I’ll dip back into it one day and I’ll find a really nice guy, I’m sure of it. If not then I’ll still be sat here writing about my bad experiences when I’m 40 with an 18 year old. Either way, I’m sure I’ll be happy 😉


On this whole planet there’s bound to be someone out there that wants exactly what you do, you might just have to just do a tad bit of hunting him down to find him. There’s definitely downsides to meeting people in the real world as well as over apps but with apps and dating websites you have far more chance, you just have to be careful who you trust! You can chat with people in your area on We Love Dates if you’re in the same position as me and fancy giving the whole dating scene another go.