Turn Your Bathroom into a Glamorous Girly Space.

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Your bathroom should be more than just a bathroom; more than a place where you go to wash – it should also be a place where you can relax and pamper yourself in pleasant surroundings; it should be a glamorous girly space that you truly love.


Sound good? Here are some ideas to help you transform your bathroom into a glamorous haven:


Choose a Feminine Theme

It’s a lot easier to successfully transform your bathroom space if you pick a theme, and feminine themes are obviously the way to go if you want to create a girly space. That doesn’t mean it has to be pink or glittery of course (although go for it if that’s what you’re into), you could go for a Hollywood dressing room theme, Chanel-inspired Monochrome style or a floral theme – it doesn’t matter what theme you choose as long as you like it and it has the potential for glamour.


Paint the Fixtures

A really easy way to your theme and make your bathroom look way more glamorous and girly than it is already is to apply paint liberally. Not only should you paint the walls (if they aren’t tiled), but paint the outside of the bath a pretty pastel shade or give your cabinets a coat of pretty silver paint. The more you veer away from the normal whites and creams that most of us have in our bathrooms and the more you experiment with girly, glamorous hues, the more luxurious your bathroom will look.


Switch Out the Fittings

Switching your regular taps for waterfall taps is a good way to make your bath feel more luxurious because you will be treated to a continuous stream of hot water that flows into the tub and makes the most pleasant sound, not to mention the fact that new taps will look amazing, so change them now. Then, look at the handles and knobs on your bathroom cabinets and doors and replace them with cute crystal, silver or gold versions that are more upmarket in their style. Switching the fittings like this is a cheap and cheerful way of bringing an extra touch of luxury to the space on a small budget.


Overflow with Flowers and Candles

When you think of flirty feminine bathrooms – the kind of bathrooms you see in top hotels or Hollywood celebrity photoshoots – you probably think of bathrooms filled with cut glass vases full of beautiful pink and red flowers; bathrooms full of finely scented candles that offer soft light and a more romantic feeling. So, it’s safe to say that you will want to include them in your new bathroom design.


Decant Everything

Platic shampoo and shower gel bottles might be useful for getting your products from the shop to your home, but they aren’t exactly the most attractive of things, are they? So, if you want to up the glamour stakes, invest in lots of glass or crystal perfume and product bottles and demand the stuff you buy into them. Then arrange them nicely for a pretty display that will add to the femininity of the space and create a more glamorous, relaxing tone.

Once that’s done, pour yourself a glass of wine, run a hot bubble bath and enjoy!