24 Things.

24 things

24 things for 24 years…

Today I turn 24, not that I’m entirely thrilled about getting a year older, but birthdays happen whether you want them to or not so there we go. I know I’m still in my early twenties but it doesn’t make ageing feel any better, especially when it feels like I turned 19 about two minutes ago! I thought that this year I would use my birthday as an excuse to create a list of 24 things I have achieved in my 24 years of life on this earth, 24 things that I’m proud of. It may be a little cheesy but we all love a bit of cheese now and again right?!

I overcame bullying.
We’ll start with something that happened quite early on in my life and that was being bullied. I don’t really remember it now… it’s such a distant memory and pretty much a complete blur, but I know that I overcame it and came out the other end stronger than ever and that’s something to be proud of!

I went to college.
I was home educated throughout all of my high school years and basically had no interaction with other kids my age. Starting college was the scariest thing ever after 5 years of being at home on my own but I did it.

I got into uni.
I don’t think I ever saw myself actually getting into uni, never mind going but I came out of college with all A* and snagged myself a place on a graphic design course which was pretty cool for someone who never went to school.

I’ve made good friends.
For the majority of my life I was such a socially awkward person and didn’t socialise which lead to a huge lack in the friendship department but over the years I’ve managed to make myself some pretty great friends.

I got a degree.
I absolutely hated both college and uni but I just got on with it and even though I went through a pretty dark place in my last year of uni and got severely depressed, I still made it out the other side and got myself a degree!

I became a freelancer.
During my time at uni I became a freelance designer, I had no experience of working with clients or selling my designs. I was so scared because I didn’t think my work was good enough for people to actually pay for it but I gained some great clients and earned some pretty good ££!

I taught myself photoshop.
I’ve been teaching myself photoshop since I was age 12 and now it’s like a second nature to me. I’ve gone from being a graphic designer to a photographer/blogger and it’s still one of the best and most useful skills I have.

I learned to draw.
We’re going back a few years as I haven’t done this in ages now but I spent most of my childhood wishing I could draw and during my uni years I finally learned to do it. Not the pen and paper kind but digitally on adobe illustrator with my graphics tablet and I still love looking back at my work! I don’t have the passion for it anymore but I’m so glad I picked up a skill I desperately wanted for so long.

I learned to blend eyeshadow like a pro.
I mean this skill speaks for itself but I still to this day wear eyeshadow every time I put makeup on and I’m such a perfectionist so I’m v glad I mastered this!

I had Reuben.
Of course this would be in here. The best thing I have ever achieved is my lil baby ru. My world.

I survived the newborn days.
Every mother deserves a medal for surviving the hardest days of all!

I learnt to cook.
Something I absolutely hate doing so I never thought I’d be good at it but who knew?

I became confident.
Again, something I thought was impossible. I have grown up being the most anxious, awkward and shy little thing and now you wouldn’t even know that girl was ever me. I’m massively proud of myself for this because before I would just let people walk all over me and now you wanna see them try 😉

I use the phone like a boss.
A bit similar to the above, one of my massive anxieties was using the phone and I would get my mum to do all my calls for me. For the past year and half I have mastered using the phone like a boss and now I’m not scared to ring anyone it’s great!

I started a blog.
Another one of the best things I ever did to this day, I had no idea it would change my life this much!

I run my own business.
I never saw my blog becoming an income but turning it into a business has been so overwhelming. I still can’t believe it when I look at my accounts every month. The amount of things you have to do running your own business as a blogger with no help is crazy so I’m really proud of myself for keeping on top of it all.

I taught myself to use a camera.
I alwayssss wanted to be good at photography but I was pretty shit up until the last year or so. I’ve really seen an improvement in my camera skills and now I really know my way around a DSLR.

I have my own house.
I definitely didn’t think I would have my own house at this age, especially with having a baby straight out of uni. Granted I do only rent and I share a house with my sister, but even so!

I developed an interior style I actually like.
I’ve always been so fussy when it comes to interiors and I was so crap at adding character to my house but this year I feel like I really turned a corner and now I’m pretty happy with all of the changes I make.

I became comfortable in my body.
I’ve had body confidence issues my entire life but it’s only over the past few months that I’ve actually just started to feel comfortable in my own skin. I know I have curves and flaws that I wish I could change but I’ve learnt to accept them and just be who I am.

I became more versatile with my style.
I used to have such a boring style, and whilst it’s still prettttty basic, I’m much more open to other styles these days which makes my wardrobe so much more versatile. I feel like it’s been such a game changer for me as I can now wear so much more!

I rock single parenthood.
Being a single mum is so hard sometimes but when I sit down and look at everything I do on a daily basis all on my own whilst running a business, it’s pretty darn crazy to me.

I learnt to drive.
I cannot express how happy I am to have overcome my driving anxiety and finally have passed my test. Having a car is one of the best things I have ever done and the freedom is insane!

Who I am today.
Last of all, I’m very proud of myself for the person that I am today. I’ve grown so much in the past couple of years and become someone that I actually feel comfortable being. I never find myself wishing I was someone else like I used to do quite a lot and it’s quite a nice feeling.


This was honestly so hard to do, I hate talking about myself! However I should definitely write down the things that I’m proud of more often, it’s really good for your mind and to realise how much you’ve actually achieved during your lifetime. Posts like this are one to have a read of when you’re having a shit day and need to remind yourself of all of the good things. Are you proud of what you’ve achieved over the years?