5 Ways To Transform A Boring Bedroom.

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Whether you’re staying in a rental property that needs a touch of work, or you simply haven’t given your bedroom some attention in a while, it’s easy for your room to start looking a bit dull. Fortunately you needn’t do a full redecoration of your bedroom to improve its appearance, as there’s some easy and quick ways you can instantly transform the space. Take a look at these five ideas on how to turn your bedroom into a space you can be proud of.

Decorate with a bold rug

Introducing a bold and beautiful rug into a room is a great way to transform the space. Geometric rugs are a popular choice and perfect for adding an eye-catching element to the room, whilst soft and fluffy rugs add to the cosy feel that’s common with bedrooms.

Paint a feature wall

If you’re sick of your bedrooms white or neutral walls, it might be an idea to introduce some colour or pattern with a feature wall. If you’re stuck for what colour to choose, look to colour psychology for some guidance. According to experts, the best shades to promote a peaceful sleep include blue, green, yellow and orange.

Hang some art

Hanging some artwork in the bedroom is one of the easiest ways to brighten up the space while reflecting your own personal style. Shop for unique illustrations and artwork on sites like Etsy, or simply create some prints yourself of some of your favourite art pieces. There’s lots of ideas on how you can arrange your gallery wall, so take some time to experiment with organising your frames in a style you love before getting any prints made.

Find statement furnishings

If your current bedroom furniture is due an update, why not go all out and find some unique statement pieces for the room? Switch your old wooden bed frame for a luxurious crushed velvet divan bed, or if you’re not ready to part with your current bed, invest in some high quality bedding and cushions for a subtle change. Transforming your bedroom is also a good opportunity for upcycling. Take pieces of wooden furniture such as your wardrobe, side tables and cabinets and paint in a new colour that compliments the decor of the room.

Add some fresh flowers

Finally, once your room is looking good as new, finish off the fresh feel of the space with some fresh flowers and greenery to match. Plants that look great in the bedroom, while also purifying air, include lavender and jasmine which help aid sleep, and peace lily which makes a beautiful statement in a corner of the room. If you want to decorate your room with flowers but are tired of how short they last, read my blog post on how I get my floral home details.