7 Tricks To Spend Less On Holidays.

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Everyone deserves to treat themselves to a holiday now and again. Here are seven ways in which you can make holidays more affordable so that you can enjoy more of them.


Travel out of season

Everyone travels in summer, largely because the temperature is hotter and kids don’t have to be taken out of school. However summer is also the most expensive time to book a holiday. If you’re able to travel before May or after September, you’re likely to get a much better deal as hotels and flight companies are having to compete more to get customers.


Book early

Booking early can get you access to early bird deals – this could include cheaper hotels and flights. You’re also more likely to get a free upgrade from booking early, whether it’s a promotion to first class during your flight or an upgrade to a family suite.


Or book last minute

Last minute discounts can sometimes even better than early bird deals with some hotels and flight slashing their prices by as much as 80% in order to fill up those empty seats and rooms. Not everyone has the ability to get up and go, however you could always book the time off in advance and then decide the week before where you’re going to go!


Shop for all inclusive deals

All inclusive package deals don’t just take the stress out of booking a holiday, they often save you money. On top of flights, transfers and the hotel, you’ll often get meals included and even drinks at the hotel bar. The latter could allow you to take much less spending money. Shop for all inclusive deals on Dealsdaddy, and find voucher codes for hotel bookings, ski trips & flights.


Try alternative foreign destinations

You can also save money by avoiding the popular and well known destinations and trying newer and more obscure resorts. Most people don’t realise that you can book a beach holiday in Bulgaria with temperatures to rival the Med, nor do they realise that Vietnam has golden coasts on the same level as Thailand and Bali. These destinations are much cheaper (at least they are for now – prices are already rising as they get more popular).


Book a staycation

You don’t have to travel abroad to have an enjoyable holiday – there are plenty of fantastic UK destinations that can allow you to save money on flight and currency transfer costs. You could enjoy a beach holiday in Brighton, explore the highlands of Scotland or see the city sights of London. There are even opportunities for investment – you’ll find plenty of lodges for sale in Devon that you could rent out to holidaymakers when you’re not using them yourself. The weather may not be as reliable in Britain, but there’s no shortage of things to see and do.


Be wary of cheap deals with expensive extras

Many people have got savvy at tracking down cheap holiday deals, but it’s important to not get caught out with the extras. Budget airlines will often charge extra for baggage and may sell on-flight food at a more expensive rate, not to mention trying to upsell various other extras to you – they could all add up and turn it into a very expensive flight. Similarly be careful of hotels with hidden extras – some charge for parking and even Wi-Fi usage.