Are You Making The Most of the Space in Your Home?

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Are you making the most of your home? For most of us, there’s plenty of potential and space that we don’t take advantage of. Whether you have a spare room in your home that you’re not sure what to do with, or you’re considering whether it’s worth extending to add value here are just a few of the ways you can use that space.


A Formal Dining Room

Do you love to entertain? If dinner parties are a regular thing in your home, then somewhere to host guests would be a good use of the space. You could look into conservatories with James Oliver if you were looking to extend, something like this would make a great additional dining space. Otherwise, if you already have a conservatory which is only being used as storage or not being used to its best potential then why not give it a spruce up. Some new blinds, a good clean and a nice dining room table and you have a designated space where you can entertain- ideal if your kitchen-diner is a little smaller.


An Office

More people than ever are now working from home. Lots of employers are realising the benefits of allowing their workforce to do this, and others have taken the leap into setting up their own business venture and working from home. If you fall into any of these camps, or alternatively would just like a nice office for paying bills or working on the computer in your spare time then an office would be something to consider. You only need the tiniest box room really, you could have a custom made desk to fit around any awkward corners. A comfy chair, a shelf and a filing cabinet is all you’d really need to create a usable office.


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A Dressing Room

Sometimes it’s nice to have a place that’s just yours. If you share a room with your partner then while it’s still somewhere to relax it’s also a shared area. A dressing room is somewhere that you can really enjoy. Set up some rails or built in wardrobes around the outside of the room and use them to neatly store your clothes, jewelry, shoes, bags and accessories. Set up a dressing table in the middle so you can sit and do your makeup each day, or apply your skin and hair care products after a bath. Bliss! If you’re considering a loft conversion to add value to your home then one way to make the most of this space could be with a lovely dressing room.


A Playroom or Teenager’s Hangout

If you have kids, they can easily take over the house. It can be nice to keep your main living area tidy, that way you’re always ready for visitors and it can also keep your sanity too. If you have a converted basement or this is an upgrade you’re considering then this could make the perfect place. It would be bigger than their bedroom, a place they could have friends and done properly it wouldn’t feel dark or dank. It would be just like another large room in the home.