Get The Glow With Pixi.

pixi glow get the glow pixi liquid eyeshadow fairy lights swatches

Pixi's new treats to get  that summer glow.

Pixi mail is one of my favourites to receive because they go all out every single time with their new releases. The most recent package to land on my doorstep was a box of goodies to create makeup with allllll the glow. I am in love with everything that was included in the box so I had to do a post with swatches of it all for you guys. I haven't stopped wearing these products since they arrived and I've been getting so many messages on instagram asking what I've got on my eyes and what highlight I'm using so clearly they must be making a statement! If you fancy hearing more about these goodies and viewing some swatches, then keep scrolling...

pixi glow get the glow pixi liquid eyeshadow fairy lights swatches
pixi glow get the glow pixi liquid eyeshadow fairy lights swatches

Pixi Liquid Fairy Lights.

The Pixi Liquid Fairy Lights are a range of long-wearing glittery liquid eyeshadows, each shade is perfect for the ultimate glam look. There's currently five in the set and something for every occasion, although I think it would be fab if they increased the shade range in the future and followed in Stila's footsteps with their liquid shadows! I was so excited when I saw what these were because I actually haven't tried Stila's liquid shadows out yet but I've been lusting after them for so long so to receive these that are essentially a very similar product means I finally get to try out some! The formula of the eyeshadows is infused with chamomile and rose so that they are nourishing rather than drying. They can be applied alone, or on top of other eyeshadows to finish off a look.



Passion Light is a beautiful copper shade with golden specks of glitter, this is quite a bold colour so it's the best one to wear alone and looks gorgeous all over the lid. It blends out nicely so that you can wear quite a low maintenance look without the need for other shades.



Rose Gold is my favourite out of the five, it's a gorgeous peachy pink infused with silver glitter. I've been wearing this so much lately, it's quite sheer used on it's own but it makes it really wearable for a day to day look. It also looks stunning applied on top of a matte pink shadow which really makes it pop!



Would it even be a collection of shadows without a good ol' bronze shade? This is the perfect summery bronze for when you're all tanned and glowing like a goddess, pop a bit of this on your lids and you're good to go.



Admittedly I'm not a massive fan of gold eyeshadows, I have yellow undertones and I think because they're yellow based they just clash you know? It's either that or they just don't look good on me. However, if you do like gold tones then you will love this as it's a beautiful sparkly number. I'm quite tempted to give this one a go just because it's so pretty swatched!



And last but not least we have a very statement glittery white. I don't like these kinds of shades applied on my lids but topped on another eyeshadow I think it would make quite a nice look. My favourite use for white/silver based shades is to apply them in the inner corners of my eyes. It really brightens up your eye and makes them pop.


pixi glow get the glow pixi liquid eyeshadow fairy lights swatches
pixi glow get the glow pixi liquid eyeshadow fairy lights swatches

Pixi Glow-y Gossamer Duo's.

The Pixi Glow-y Gossamer Duo's are a range of gorgeous highlights. I say range, there's only two so far, but they are both so, so pigmented. I am in love with both of them, they're so creamy and blend like an absolute dream. I've been wearing them everyday and the glow is real, you hardly need any product on your brush to achieve the glowiest cheekbones.



Subtle Sunrise is a combination of a beaut rose gold and golden shade which is perfect to compliment any skin tone. They're not overly warm toned nor cool toned, making them the perfect duo for light, medium and deep skin tones, whatever your undertone is. I was a bit wary about the rose gold working for me as I have yellow undertones and I can honestly say it blends in so beautifully that it really does work for me. This is the perfect duo for any girl that loves a bold glow!



Delicate Dew is a bit more of a risky duo as one of the shades is quite purple toned, which I wouldn't usually pick up but I've been wearing it loads and I love how it looks. Again, it blends in so naturally that it looks gorgeous on the tops of my cheekbones. The other shade is a deeper and warmer shade that I think is my favourite out of all four shades. It compliments my tanned skin like an absolute dream and it's become my new favourite highlight to wear. I think this duo is made more for deeper skin tones but you can always give it a swatch in store somewhere if you're unsure!


Overall I'm so impressed with these Pixi products, I'm not usually a huge fan of their makeup and more a skincare advocate but I am 100% sold on these products. I really hope they bring out more shades in the future as I will be snapping them up! Have you tried out these Pixi goodies yet?



This post contains PR samples.