How To Create A Beautiful Nursery On A Budget.

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Any parent wants the best of everything for their new baby, and that includes a beautiful and cosy nursery for them to spend their time in. While it’s easy to head to your local department store and spend a fortune on bits and bobs, not all of us have the luxury of doing so. If you’re due to design your baby’s nursery and want to save money in the process, take a look at these tips on how to create a beautiful nursery on a budget.


Stick with simple decor

Skip decorating the room with pricey cartoon wallpaper and opt for a tub of white or neutral paint instead. This way, you’ll save money, but also stop yourself having to redecorate many years down the line. White walls look great in nurseries as they keep the room nice and bright, have a calming effect, and give the space a minimal on-trend look.


Buy second hand

Instead of buying brand new furniture and furnishings for your nursery, look for second hand alternatives. Search charity shops and look online on websites like Gumtree and apps such as Shpock for those affordable finds. Sites like Freecycle also allow people to list items they want to give away, and you can even create listings that specify what you’re looking for incase anyone has any freebies up for grabs.


Look for sales

If you’d prefer to buy new items than second-hand, but would rather avoid the price tags that come with, keep an eye out for sales and offers. Plenty of furniture retailers such as Children’s Bed Shop have a stylish choice of nursery furniture like cots, changing units and more at discounted prices. You can find sales on Dealsplanet with lots of amazing voucher codes.


Decorate the walls

If you want something to brighten up your blank walls without making any expensive, permanent changes, try wall decals. Wall decals are basically stickers you can use to decorate walls without causing any damage. These come in a variety of beautiful designs that will give the room that perfect finishing touch!


Try out some DIY

Upcycling is one of the number one ways to give a room a makeover without spending lots of money on new furniture. If you have any old pieces of furniture around, or you’ve found a second-hand piece that’s not to your taste, get creative with some DIY. Aside from repainting or reupholstering old furniture, there’s also some great DIY ideas you could try, from turning cardboard boxes into storage bins, to using clippings of your baby shower cards as a statement art piece.