Investing In Luxury Watches.


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What do you look for when investing in a luxury watch?

Watches are a statement piece when it comes to an outfit, there’s so many different designs these days from designer to high street, to fake copies you can find on the internet. Investing in a luxury watch can be so important if you want the quality of real craftsmanship. It helps to have an idea of what you’re looking for before making the investment, looking for a watch that says exactly who you are and what you stand for. Finding the perfect watch is so important as generally it’s something that stays on your arm at all times. What will match perfectly with your wardrobe? Is it a design that you’re in love with and will wear with pride?


Watches also tend to be something you check all throughout the day so you want to make sure it’s a a piece that will bring you all the heart eyes every time you give it a glance. There’s so many different designs and styles out there that it can be quite overwhelming going watch shopping but I think once you discover a design and a style that you love, it really helps to narrow things down a bit and you can start focusing on specific brands rather than shops in general.


What brands do you look at?

Every brand has a unique style so make sure you shop around and really take the time to find the right watch for you and your style. The Watch Company have some beautiful designs, all made in Tokyo you’re sure to find something you love. One of my favourite watch brands is Daniel Wellington, every watch is a classic and they’re lovely and simple so they tend to go with every outfit I wear. They’re one of the more affordable options on the market too. Mr Porter do gorgeous watches for men if you really want to splash the cash for yourself or a partner.


Now go and get shopping for your perfect watch!