Organisation Tips For Cleaning Out Your Closet.

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If there’s one thing that is so satisfying in life, it’s a good clear out. The clutter that accumulates in the wardrobe is some of the most annoying in the house – mainly because no one likes to clear out their closets! Wardrobes hide all manner of sins, from the Eighties bell bottoms that you’ve hidden in the back of the wardrobe, determined one day to wear them again, to the gold platforms that were SO in during the Nineties.

Going through the things that you belong and thinning them down takes time, and it’s not a job that anyone wants to do, let alone a busy mum who is caring for kids, house and career all at the same time. You don’t necessarily need to go ahead and create a capsule wardrobe, especially if you’re the type of person that finds sentimentality in even the most worn pair of kitten heels. So, when you want to keep your wardrobe organised, how can you get it looking the best that it can without spending too much time on your task?


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Empty. Standing in front of your wardrobe and staring at a closed door isn’t going to make the clothes jump out and sort themselves. Before you can even think about tidying the wardrobe, you need to take everything out of it. Empty every single drawer, basket and shelf and get everything on your bed. Doing this basically forces you to get things cleared, as while you may regret it when you start, you won’t regret finishing it.

Pile. You need to sort the clothes next and for that, you need piles. One pile for the things that you wear regularly that fit. One pile for the things that you want to send to a charity with One pile for the sentimental items that you can’t bear to part with – but this one needs to be a thin pile!

Sort. Next, you need to sort through all those piles into two – yes and no. There cannot be a ‘maybe’ pile, as that leaves room for indecision and that just won’t do when you’re trying to organise your stuff. Work through every item of clothing and really give each piece some consideration before making your choice. If it doesn’t feel good, say no and move on.

Tidy. Put away everything on the ‘yes’ pile carefully so that all you are left with is your ‘no’ pile. Make sure that you wipe out all the drawers and the insides of the wardrobes to get rid of dust and dirt that accumulates. You’d be shocked how bad they can get!

Enjoy. Once you’ve sorted out all your clothes, sent the ones that you don’t want to charity and sold the rest, you can enjoy the fact that you’ve finally taken the time to clear out the clutter.

Your clothes deserve to hang right, and once you’ve got everything organised, you can ensure you can keep it tidy. Until the next time, that is!