Summer Skin With Arnicare.

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nelsons arnicare arnica cream cooling gel review

Prep those legs for hot summer days...

During the summer months, it tends to get so humid and warm that us girls (and boys!) spend a lot of time wearing light clothing with short sleeves and bare legs. I never used to particularly like getting my legs out because they were so ghostly and pale, but since I started fake tanning I have them on show all of the time. It's generally inevitable that you're going to have a lot of skin on show if you go abroad this summer too, with most girls lounging by the pool in a bikini. One of the things that can be an absolute pain is bruising, which can appear without you even knowing about it. I've lost count of the amount of times that I've had a bruise appear on my skin and having no clue how it got there! Being a mum with a wild toddler doesn't help either, one of Ru's favourite things to do is run over my feet whilst driving his toy car around and with how much he weighs now, it's safe to say I get covered in bruises quite often. Today I'm going to chat about the range Nelsons Arnicare and a couple of products they have to prep your legs for the summer months - so if you're like me and want to take care of your skin and have it looking as healthy as possible then keep reading to find out more.

nelsons arnicare arnica cream cooling gel review
nelsons arnicare arnica cream cooling gel review

About Nelsons Arnicare

Nelsons have been specialising in developing natural healthcare since the 1860's and today is the UK's leading manufacturer of natural healthcare products. Nelsons Arnicare is a range of their products that contain a plant called Arnica Montana, sourced from the Scottish Highlands. This plant has been recognised for it's many beneficial natural properties since the 16th century. It's known as one of the best homeopathic and herbal treatments. The products are made with carefully selected ingredients that target areas such as bruising, swelling and aches and pains.

nelsons arnicare arnica cream cooling gel review
nelsons arnicare arnica cream cooling gel review

Arnica Cream

The Arnica Cream is a traditional herbal medicinal cream formulated to help relieve and treat bruising. You can apply it to unbroken skin at any time, as soon as you feel a bruise developing. With an active toddler running around, it's an essential product in my bathroom cabinet and I've been applying it over any areas where I've had a little bump and wanting some relief. I usually just let bruising develop and get on with it but I didn't realise how much I was missing this product from my life! I mean who wants that ugly purple bruising all over their skin right? If you apply it as soon as you take the hit, it can prevent the swelling and bruising straight away so it's best to have on you at all times. The tube is super small so it's the perfect handbag size too, meaning you can always have it with you. Instead of worrying about having huge bruises on show and trying to cover them up with concealer, you can just use this little miracle worker instead. If you bruise easily then you will absolutely love this tube of goodness. It's also cruelty free so if you're a CF babe you can use it too! I recommend applying it a few times throughout the day for a couple of days after you've started to feel bruising coming on as the healing process isn't instant. My sister bruises quite easily so I let her try this out with me and she's noticed a massive improvement already, meaning she's feeling much more confident in her summer dresses. The product can also be used on children from age 2 so if you have a wild little one and have an upcoming photoshoot or special family event then this would be ideal to help avoid a nasty bruise in all of the photos!

Arnica Cooling Gel

The Arnica Cooling Gel is a gel that aims to revitalise and refresh achy muscles, perfect for athletes and gym-goers. I personally can't say I like a lot of heavy exercise, however I love nothing more than going on long country walks in the summer. I also love exploring new cities and it's a guarantee that I come home with the most achy feet ever after a weekend trip away. This gel would be perfect for someone who's in a job where they are on their feet all day too. The arnica montana extract combined with natural grapefruit oil and menthol works to soothe muscle aches and pains as you massage it in. I can assure you that it feels so nice and relaxing when worked into aching feet, I applied it myself but I bet you would feel even more relaxed if you got a partner to do it for you! It feels so refreshing and there's a subtle scent of grapefruit to the gel too which I really like, grapefruit is one of my favourite scents and it just adds to the overall experience making me feel lovely and chilled. I even find it works wonders on daily aches like for example when I've been working all day and night sometimes to hit deadlines, my hands can ache so much from spending hours shooting photos and typing away on my laptop. I feel like I get some sort of repetitive strain in my hands and I've applied a bit of the cooling gel and instantly felt better. The gel comes in a tube the same size as the arnica cream which again, is the ideal handbag size so I already know that this will become a travelling essential for me when I go out exploring. It absorbs super quickly and isn't sticky in the slightest like most gels can be so it's perfect for on the go.

Overall I'm really impressed with both products and love that they don't have a sticky residue like a lot of other similar products on the market. They are both so perfectly sized for popping in a handbag or baby change bag which I love too. If you think you need these products in your life then you can pick them up from Amazon by clicking this link. What do you think to Nelsons Arnicare range? Have you tried it before?