The Sun-Kissed Look.


Getting the summer look…

The best thing about summer in my opinion is looking all bronzed and glowy, like a goddess. It can be a little hard to do in a country where we don’t get an overly hot summer, so today I’m going to chat about my favourite bronzers to help me along the way. I personally do not tan naturally so during summer I find myself applying fake tan at least twice a week, if not more. I tend to avoid tanning my face because one, it comes off basically instantly with the amount of cleansing I do… and two, on the rare occasion I’ve decided to, I’ve had a fake tan disaster with my hands. Therefore, I rely on makeup to do all of the work for me and that includes darker foundation shades and lots and lots of bronzer. I recently did a post on the products I rely on for the summer glow which you can read here, but today we’re talking all things bronzing so let’s get into the good stuff!

Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow

The CT Filmstar Bronze & Glow in Light/Medium is one of my most used bronzers. It’s the perfect everyday bronzer for something light and not over the top. It’s fairly warm but on the cooler side of bronze shades so I find it great for contouring my face as well as adding warmth. It’s also a bonus that it comes with the perfect everyday highlight shade too so it’s the best little travel companion!


NARS Contour Duo

The NARS Contour Duo in Paloma is the darkest bronzer I own so it comes in super handy when I have fresh tan on and I’m at my darkest. It’s also very cool toned which makes it fab for adding colour to my face but sculpting it at the same time. It’s insanely creamy and pigmented, yet another NARS product that I absolutely love.


Urban Decay Beached Bronzer

On the lighter side of the spectrum, I have the UD Beached Bronzer in the shade Sun-Kissed which looks pretty pale next to the others but it’s actually a really nice colour. I find this works better for me when my skin is paler and my tan has washed off a fair bit but if you don’t buy it for the colour – just look at that packaging?! Irresistible am I right?


Makeup Forever Pro Bronze Fusion

The newest bronzer to my collection and my new obsession is the Makeup Forever Pro Bronze Fusion in Cinnamon. It’s got the most beautiful warmth to it with delicate specks of gold running through it to add a bit of glow to the skin. It’s subtle enough that it still looks matte too which I love as it means I can still go crazy with highlight on top. I’ve been using this for the past few days and I’m already addicted, however I don’t find it to have a massive amount of pigmentation so I tend to have to build it up. I have noticed it’s getting more pigmented the more I use it, so it could just be because it’s still new but the colour is so worth it, it’s a beaut!

Too Faced Chocolate Soleil

The Too Faced Chocolate Soleil was my holy grail bronzer for the longest time, I used it daily for so long. I still love it a lot and reach for it fairly often, who can resist the smell of chocolate on a morning? Even when I use other bronzers I sometimes go in with this one to add a bit of a darker touch along my cheek bones for more definition. It’s insanely pigmented too which I love!


What’s your favourite bronzer to use in the summer months?