To Extend or to Move? Which is Better?

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There are many occasions in our life where we feel like we need more space. Sometimes this is because we have collected a significant amount of stuff that’s spilling out of our current homes. It can also be because we are expecting a new baby, moving a new partner in, or in desperate need of a home office to help us grow our business. Sometimes, it’s merely because we can afford a bigger home and fancy a spare room for guests.


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The Options

When it comes to getting more space at home, there are two main options. You can extend your current home, or you can move into a larger one. Of course, if you are renting and need more space, moving is your only option. But, when you own your home, you can instead take the choice to extend. Your initial thought might be that extending would be easier and cheaper, but that’s not always the right decision, or necessarily true.



The main advantage of extending is that you don’t have to move. You can keep your job; your commute will be the same. The kids can stay at the same school or nursery. You’ll be around all of your friends and the local amenities that you enjoy using. And, you’ll be in your home.

We spend a long time turning a house into our family home. Decorating it how we want it, collecting things to make it more personal and falling in love with it. Our home is where we entertain and relax. It’s where we unwind and where we feel safe and at peace. You might not want to give this up. Then, of course, there’s moving itself. Packing everything up, moving and unpacking. Telling everyone about our change of address and setting up new utilities. It’s all stressful and extending can seem easier.


Sure, an extension will disrupt your life, but it’s usually over within a few weeks and certainly less of an upheaval than a full house move. If you decide to extend, you have options to consider. A loft conversion from Empire Lofts can be both the easiest and the option that offers you the most space, depending on the size and shape of your home. But, you can also extend to the sides and back of your home or even convert your basement into a room.



Moving might appeal more if you aren’t happy with either your current home or the area that you are living in. It gives you more options, and if you need more than one new room or a lot more space in your rooms then moving to a new house can be a better option.


Moving to a new house might be more extensive, but not necessarily. If your current home isn’t in fantastic condition and could be facing costly repairs in the coming years, moving to a newer home could work out cheaper in the long-term.


While moving to a new house might be more expensive and more stressful, it does offer you a chance for a new life and a total change. When it comes to making your decision, it really does depend on how happy you are in your current home.