An Easy Family Getaway.


Travelling With A Toddler in Tow

Getting a much needed break with a toddler in tow...

There's something a bit scary about getting away with a toddler - the last time we went away, it was for only three days and it was hard work. You'd think once they got out of the baby stage and stopped needing things like sterilised bottles and formula that things would get a little easier, but nope. I didn't let it put me off though, there's just a lot you need to prepare yourselves for and I'm okay with that if I have a plan in mind. I'll save how to prepare for another post but today I'm going to chat about what kind of breaks would be as painless as they can possibly be with a little one tagging along.

Travelling With A Toddler in Tow


I'm very much an exploring kinda gal when it comes to holidays, I'd much rather stay in the country in the middle of nowhere than sit by a pool all day in 30 degree heat. Do you not find the idea of staying in a beautiful country cottage so dreamy?! I feel like this kind of break away is much more toddler friendly too, for us anyway. Reuben loves going into the forests and running absolutely wild so going out into the country for a couple of days is ideal for us. I visited Devon lots as a child and Marsdens Devon Cottages have some gorgeous little properties for getting away for a week. What's great about staying in the country is that you can drive down whenever you want to rather than being pushed for time and you can pack the car up with everything you'll need which makes it far easier! It's a lot easier when having a staycation to choose how long you want to go for too, sometimes with flights abroad you have to book the holiday around what dates you can fly in and back out, but with driving down it's totally up to you how many nights you want to do. I had so many cottage and caravan holidays during my childhood and sometimes my parents decided to come home late one evening rather than the next day just to make it less stressful. It was usually for reasons like beating the traffic and so all the kids would sleep in the car with no arguing but it's ideal to have that freedom with children rather than the airport rush and doing all the waiting around. I can't wait to book us a little stay in the lakes sometime soon!

Bed & Breakfast

For me personally, even a break for just the one night would be lush. If you stay in a bed & breakfast, then you can set off from home early in the morning and have a full day of exploring, stay the night and then wake up and do it all over again before coming home later in the evening whenever you've had enough. Two full days of fresh air and exercise can be just what the doctor ordered sometimes. I really need to do this more often myself, it's such a great stress reliever. The greatest thing about staying in a B&B is that they are everywhere in the UK, all it really takes is picking a city and then finding the cutest little instagrammable spot to stay in. It's definitely one of the most straightforward breaks to book, outside of peak season you can usually book them very spontaneously a day or two before!



Resorts, or holiday parks as some like to call them, are so popular amongst families for a break away as they're the perfect places to take kids. Butlins actually offer a 'just for tots break' that's designed for families with children under 5 so it would be ideal for a break with a toddler. I've personally never been to butlins but it sounds fab and something I'm definitely going to consider with Ru. There's also so many other holiday parks across the country so again, it's all about choosing a location and looking up reviews to find out which one is best suited to you! I sometimes find going to one furthest away from home is quite nice as you get the drive down and get to experience a bit of the other end of the country.


What's your favourite way to enjoy a short break with little ones?