Making The Most Of Your Home.

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Home is the most important place in the world- it’s where we spend time with family, rest and relax and have fun with friends. Having a place that truly feels like a retreat from the world allows you to recover each evening so you can get back out there and handle whatever life throws at you- and so a space that works for you is so important. It’s easy to get into a rut with our homes- when something isn’t quite working we tend to live with it instead of making changes. When the novelty of a new home wears off, we can allow the decor to become worn and tired and start overlooking the little jobs that need to be tackled. But it shouldn’t be the case, here are some of the ways you can spruce up your home so that you can ensure you’re making the very most of it.


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Make it Light and Bright

Regardless of how nice your furniture and decor is, a home that feels dark and dingy will quickly bring down the overall look. There are a few reasons that your home could be suffering from a lack of light- the first of which is the size of your windows. Some properties were built with smaller windows which let in insufficient light, if this is the case with your home then spending some money enlarging the windows could be a good move. Another cause for a dark home might be simpler, it could just be a case that you have the wrong window treatments up. Very heavy curtains, net curtains or blinds could block out too much light giving your rooms a dim and dingy feel. Check out a site like to find some more suitable solutions. Another reason your home could feel dark is if you have trees, hedges or other large plants in your front garden. Cutting these back would instantly boost the light you have coming in and make everything look far nicer. Some things you can also do to make your home look lighter and brighter is to change the decor. Paint walls in a light, neutral shade which will bounce the light around- avoid bold colours or patterns which will draw it in and make it look smaller. Hang large mirrors where possible in rooms opposite windows to bounce the light around. On top of this, you should ensure you have good lighting throughout. Ceiling spotlights for example can light a room more evenly instead of there being shadowy corners. A variety of lamps can help you to tailor the light in each room when it’s dark depending on what you’re doing. A good option is to go with smart bulbs as these can be made warmer or cooler, brighter or dimmer through an app so you can customise the light without having to change the bulbs.


Improve The Kitchen and Bathroom

The kitchen and bathroom are some of the most important rooms in the home, if you’ve not made changes or upgrades in a while then chances are they’ll be looking a little worse for wear. This is because with any other room, it’s easy to change the wallpaper, paint or furniture and completely transform the space. With fixed units in kitchens and bathrooms these often go for many years untouched. While a good kitchen or bathroom will last for a long time, as with anything trends do come and go and styles change and move on meaning these spaces can look outdated. Things like tiles and flooring don’t last forever and can become chipped and worn. Because changing the kitchen and bathroom can cost a lot of money, it’s something that lots of homeowners put off- but if you really want to make the most of your home then they’re investments worth making. Even remortgaging in some cases will be worth it because of the value it will add to a property. Spend as much as you can afford on fixtures and fittings like sinks, taps and tiles as these will have a huge impact on the overall finish. If you choose quite ‘safe’ designs such as white tiles, granite worktops and white cupboards then it will stand the test of time and won’t look outdated in a few years. Go with a trendy colour- like grey for example- once this style passes your home will look outdated. You can always spruce it up with cute accessories- a retro kettle and toaster, pops of colour and fun plants to bring in personality as these can easily be switched up.


Make The Most of Nooks and Crannies

Have an unused cupboard in the kitchen? Turn it into a pantry! Space under the stairs? It could be a coat and shoe cupboard or even a downstairs toilet. A large unused corner of a master bedroom could become an ensuite or a walk in wardrobe. Not to mention extending out, into the attic or down into the basement. A great option for maximising storage space s to have built in wardrobes fitted, these are great as they look far more sleek than standalone furniture and you have floor to ceiling storage. They’re ideal for any bedroom but particularly if your room is an odd shape as they can be custom built into eaves or in strange shaped rooms to really make the most of any space. You could add a conservatory or a porch- there’s plenty of ways you can either extend your home or make the most of the room you already have.


Add Soft Furnishings and Homely Touches

You might have the most beautifully decorated home ever, but smooth walls and perfectly fitted carpets won’t make a house feel like home. Of course, getting the initial blank canvas right is important but to make it personal to you and feel cosy and homely you need the right finishing touches. Rugs on the floor, art on the walls, plants, clocks, photos, cushions and more throughout the rooms will really help to bring them to life. Instead of leaving your sofa bare, throw over a soft blanket and some plump cushions- the same is true of your bed. A rug under a coffee table helps to add texture or colour, warmth and helps to tie the room together. Pictures and photos help to showcase your style and also make your home personal to you. Don’t overlook these finishing touches, if you’ve spent lots of time and effort on your decor and furniture but things still don’t look quite right then chances are it’s these kinds of things that you’re missing. Ebay, supermarkets and even pound shops are good for getting little bits and pieces on a budget. Don’t rush and buy things for the sake of it, browse the shops and pick up things over time that really jump out to you.


Think About The Gardens

If you’re lucky enough to have outside space with your home then it’s so important to utilise it. Not only do you give yourself extra living space but you can boost the value of your property too. Start by clearing out any mess- bicycles, kids toys, wellington boots and any litter that’s blown through. From there you can get things in order, repair the lawn or replace it with new turf if it’s past helping. Jet wash the patio, oil any decking or again replace these for new if they’re past their best. Dig flower beds removing weeds, and add some seeds and bulbs to give you a nice planting scheme with colour that will bloom all throughout the year. To really make the most of your space you need a seating area, make sure you choose a set that’s big enough for your family along with any guests you have over- but you could always invest in some cheap foldable extra chairs if needed for bigger get togethers. A parasol for shade, a chiminea or fire pit for heat during the evening, good lighting and pretty features like a water fountain will all work well. One tip is to wait until the end of the summer to buy these kinds of things. You won’t get much use from them this year if you do, but everything will be far cheaper and you'll have everything ready for next spring when the weather warms up again.


Have a think about it, how well are you really using the space in your home and are you making the most of it? Are there jobs you’re putting off, and do you know your home could be better (and your life made easier!) if you made some changes? Not only will upgrades and changes be nice for you, but as an added bonus you could add value to so your home would be worth more money. This is nice to know, even if you don’t plan on selling right now.


Are you making the most of your home, or do you have a list of projects you want to tackle to make it better?