My Summer Makeup Staples.

summer makeup picks everyday beauty staples

My current everyday makeup picks...

Now that summer is in full swing, I've got a selection of products that I'm reaching for everyday. These picks are super easy to throw on, because who wants to spend hours sat doing their makeup in this humid weather? Yet they leave me looking lovely and bronzed, ready for anything the day throws my way. My everyday look is generally a good coverage base that matches my tan, a bit of concealer for my dark under eye circles and then lots of bronzer and highlight, followed by a simple bronzed eye and lashings of mascara. If that sounds like your kinda thing then keep reading to find out my faves!

summer makeup picks everyday beauty staples
summer makeup picks everyday beauty staples


If you have skin as oily as I do, particularly in the summer months and don't own this primer then you are seriously missing out. I am applying this in my t-zone area every single day and it's keeping my skin matte pretty much all day long. It's an absolute godsend for a super oily t-zone, I can't recommend it enough. You get so much product in too, compared to most other primers that only come in tiny tubes, any fellow oily gals will not regret bagging one of these!



If you follow me on insta you might have seen me post a semi-negative review on this CC cream a few weeks ago. If you didn't, then to narrow it down, I basically just said I didn't think it was worth the £30 price tag because it didn't give me enough coverage and I got really oily skin with it. Well, I decided to give it another go annnnnd - used with the UD de-slick primer I've just mentioned, I don't get oily with it at all! Not only that but since my skin cleared up and became clear of spots, I found I wasn't using as much product to get more coverage. I've basically been using it religiously for the past couple of weeks because with the weather being so hot and it having an SPF of 50, it's been the perfect everyday base. I still think it's got a pretty hefty price tag but I would probably say that it's worth it in this heat as a super lightweight base with a decent SPF.



I put this down a while ago in favour of the collection concealer and recently picked it back up again and I'm wondering why I ever put it down. It's got such amazing coverage from only a tiny amount of product and it hides my under eye circles like a dream. I also love how brightening the lightest shade chantilly is, and how it's super creamy - it just blends so gorgeously into the skin. it's definitely one of the best concealers on the market by far!



The Glossier stretch concealer isn't a product that I pick up daily, but it's in this round-up because when I feel like a no makeup day, it becomes my best friend. When I had the flu last week, the last thing I felt like doing was putting makeup on, but I still had jobs to do and had to leave the house. I didn't want to wear foundation because, well... we all know foundation and blowing your nose don't mix well. Anyway, the stretch concealer is very lightweight and it just covers things up whilst keeping your skin basically looking like skin, like it's got nothing on it. It's perfect for no makeup makeup days or when you just can't be bothered, it took me less than a minute to pop this over my redness and under eye circles and it just stopped me leaving the house looking like a zombie! It's so creamy and blendable too, I only need to use my finger with it. It's definitely a little gem to have in your beauty cabinet.



I could sit here and rave about the ABH brow wiz alllllll day. No kidding. I just used one up and ordered another with next day delivery because I just feel like I can't live without this now. It's made my brow routine SO easy, I can do my brows in a couple of minutes and you guys know how defined I like them to look! It just fills in my brows so quickly and easily, giving them plenty of definition yet still looking super natural. The nib of the pencil is so thin so it's perfect for imitating hair strokes and the spoolie that comes on the opposite end is so teeny and perfect for spreading the product out and combing the hairs precisely. If you hate spending loads of time on your brows and want them to look natural but defined then you neeeeed this bad boy in your life.



I picked this benefit number up on a whim and it's turned out to be one of the best brow gels I've used - it's a clear gel with a really precise brow comb and it keeps my brow hairs in place all day without giving them that horrible crispy look and feel. It's one of the more expensive brow gels on the market but I can't fault it and the packaging is pretty cute too.



The newest bronzer to my collection is this beauty from MUFE, I picked it up after seeing a youtuber (I can't remember who, possibly Jordan Lipscombe?) using it in a video and I just loved how warm it made her skin look. For £30 I think it could have more pigmentation to it, I won't lie - however, if you have pale skin then that probably wouldn't bother you. I just find I have to swirl my brush a bit to get enough colour when I'm tanned. It's still my absolute fave, it's the warmest bronzer I have in my collection and it's just the most stunning colour for making me look lovely and sun kissed. Such a beaut!


summer makeup picks everyday beauty staples


I've been picking up this blush every single day to add a flush of colour to my cheeks. It's a coral shade with a sheen to it so it adds a beautiful rosy glow to the apples of my cheeks. I never used to be a blush kinda gal but I just think I look weird without a bit of colour now and this is by far one of my favourites. I don't like heavy blushes but this one is buildable so you can just have a very subtle wash of colour or get a bit more product for a bolder look.



Ever since I received the gossamer duo's from Pixi, I've been obsessed. I did a dedicated brand post here so I won't go into too much detail - but the shade subtle sunrise has become my everyday favourite. Both shades are so pigmented and are beautiful worn alone or mixed together. I usually wear a bit of both mixed and it just adds a gorgeous glow to my skin, really complimenting my summer (fake) tan!



I think the packaging of this palette has actually changed now, from what I can see online it's gorgeous now compared to what I've got! Anyway I absolutely love this little palette, it's got every shade you could need for an everyday look and I reach for it so much because I find the matte and highlight shades to be perfect for everyday wear. They tend to compliment anything else I use on my eyes so well so I always know I can rely on this little gem! If you love very neutral eyes but also with a pop of shimmer then this palette is ideal. I'm finding that the brown tones in it are just so perfect for the summer months, I can't put it down.



Another eyeshadow obsession is the BB sparkle stick in molten bronze, I can't believe how long it actually took me to pick this up after lusting after it because I don't think I've gone a day without wearing it since it arrived. I usually use the matte shades from the natural eye palette in my crease, add a bit of highlight in the inner corner and then pop this bad boy all over the lid for the ultimate glittery bronzed eye. It just looks so gorge. It can be used on it's own too but I like adding some matte brown in the crease just for a bit more definition. I don't think they're available anymore as they were limited edition which I think is crazy considering how popular they were?! I've linked their long-wear cream shadow stick as the next best thing but I really hope they come back as I'd be lost without mine...



My current go-to lipstick pick is faux from MAC, I got this a while ago now but only started wearing it recently. At first I liked it but felt like it didn't suit me that well for everyday wear but I randomly picked it up a week or so ago and I've worn it religiously since. I think it looks better on me when I've got fresh tan on but I'm definitely loving this one lately! It holds up so well throughout the day too.



Everyone and their mum raves about this setting spray but I had to throw it in here after UD kindly sent over a few travel sized ones for me. This one is the perfect handbag size so I can take it out and about with me, not only does it keep my makeup nice and fresh throughout the day but it's just so refreshing to spritz on, especially when the weather is humid. Sometimes It's nice to top up with powder when I get a tiny bit oily and then just spray a bit of this on top to stop my makeup feeling all caked, definitely love the little travel sizes for having in the car.



Another lip favourite I've been loving lately is the birthday balm dotcom from Glossier, not only does it smell absolutely heavenly (hello I love cake) but it's the perfect everyday balm to keep my lips hydrated. They've been so dry over the past week or so, so sometimes I haven't really felt like wearing lipstick and this has been the only thing on my lips. I love that the subtle shimmer gives them a dewy look so they don't just look bare. I feel like I need to pick up more flavours of this as I'm dying to get cherry and coconut!



What are your current beauty favourites?


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