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A Bioderma Haul...

Did you know that Bioderma have a range called ABCDerm that's specifically for little ones? I didn't until recently but Reuben and I were sent over a few products each, to try out and see what we think! I've only ever tried out a travel size of the micellar water so I was verrrrry excited to get to try out some other bits. I've also been using a couple of the products from the ABCDerm range on Ru religiously for the past couple of months so I can't wait to tell you all about them!



I have mixed thoughts on the wipes, you get 60 in a pack which is a decent amount, however I kinda have the same thoughts on them as I do with water wipes. They're quite overpriced for what they are and for most people they're not affordable when you go through as many packs of wipes as I do per week. However... when I first got these, Reuben was going through a really bad teething period and if you have a one year old you'll know how often you have to wipe their faces after eating, not to mention the dribble! These came in super handy whilst he was teething as his mouth and his chin were covered in the most horrendous teething rash, he's never had anything like it before and these gentle wipes infused with micellar water came in perfectly for cleansing his skin without irritating it whilst the rash cleared up. I definitely wouldn't buy these on a regular basis, however they are perfect for the newborn period, when you're not using many wipes on such tiny bottoms as they're so gentle and soothing. They also come in handy for teething like they did for us, so if Reuben ever gets a teething rash that badly again I would 100% get a couple of packs of these in!



As a family with eczema running through it, I have to be really careful what bath products I use on Ru. Ever since he was teeny, most baby bath products have dried his skin out like crazy. I'm really wary what I use on him these days but the ABCDerm relaxing oil is a soothing oil that can be used in the bath as well as afterwards to soften little ones skin. It's extremely gentle and formulated to give a calming effect to babies after their bath time. My favourite way to use it is to put a couple of pumps into his bath and it helps relax him (as much as you can help a toddler relax) before bed time and keeps his skin nice and soft because even the water can dry it out! It works so much better than our usual baby oil from the supermarket so I can definitely recommend this one.



Out of everything, this has to be the hero product for me. It was the first product we actually tried from the range and it made such a difference within one day. The peri oral is a quick and effective treatment for soothing irritation around the mouth of little ones. I mentioned before that Ru went through a really bad teething period where he came out in such a bad rash and it was so sore for him, this stuff is what saved us! I applied it about twice a day, he didn't like me doing it but it was so worth doing because it completely cleared it up within a couple of days. If you have a dribbly baby and their mouth gets irritated because of it quite often then this is 100% worth picking up.



Admittedly we've only used the cold cream a handful of times, but again this is a lovely soothing product for little ones with dry skin. I would have used this religiously on Reuben a year ago because he constantly got dry skin on his face but he doesn't really get that much of it these days. I'm trying to use this every night at the moment just because with the weather being so warm and Ru having his face covered in sun cream daily, I feel like it's a good way to keep his skin nice and moisturised after his bath. What I love about this moisturiser is that it sinks into his skin quickly without being sticky, there's no hanging about when you're dealing with a toddler! I have a feeling this will come in so handy when winter comes around.



Last but not least, from the bits that Reuben's been trying out, we have probably my favourite product of all! I have a few sun lotions for Ru now with the weather being so hot lately, but this is by far the best one I've tried. First of all it has a really high SPF of 50+ which is exactly what you need to protect such delicate skin, but it's a foam applicator which makes it a lot easier to use. Not only that but it sinks into the skin so quickly and easily and is not sticky at all. I repeat, not sticky. If there's one thing I absolutely hate about having to cover a toddler in sun cream, it's the mess afterwards and how the sticky residue just gets everywhere. You don't get that with this product, and for me that will sell it to me every time.




I finally picked up the Garnier micellar water recently after going years without buying into the hype and I don't use it that much but I do like it. I have to say though after trying out the Bioderma offering, I much, much prefer it! I find it to be a lot more sensitive on my skin and not only does it remove my base makeup like a dream but it removes all of my eye makeup too without irritating them like other cleansing products usually do. I find I'm using micellar water to cleanse a lot more often since discovering this, particularly in this humid weather when I just want to collapse into bed on an evening!



This moisturiser suits my skin to a T, it's a soothing cream with the aim to combat redness and dry skin. I actually have combination skin but parts of my face can get so dry and flaky and this is the perfect daily cream to deal with that. It's also suitable for babies which means I can use it on Ru should he also have an outbreak of super dry skin, it will be perfect for the both of us in the winter months. My skin has been quite dry lately with the amount of mattifying products I'm having to use on my T-Zone to combat the oiliness so this has become my go-to moisturiser on a morning.



Now, I used to be the absolute worst at applying SPF. To be honest, I still am. I've been trying harder this summer but it's just a step I always forget to do. However when this little number arrived, I was really intrigued, at first glance it just looks like another tube of sun cream but it's actually almost verging on being a BB cream! It's a tinted sun cream with SPF 50+ and it offers a mattifying touch-dry finish so it's not greasy in the slightest. It has a tint to it like in the name, very very subtle but enough to take the edge off of a pale complexion and make you look a tad sun kissed. This has been the perfect addition to my makeup collection, not only does it make for the perfect summer base but if you're having a no makeup day and fake tan like I do, this will protect your skin as well as giving you a bit of colour! It's ideal for going abroad when you don't want to apply any heavy makeup but still want some SPF.



Anything that mattifies is a welcomed addition to my skincare collection, particularly in this humid weather. I don't like to use mattifying moisturisers all over my face, because I have a combo skin type it can work against me, however this is perfect to hydrate my T-Zone area whilst keeping the oil away. I have been using this combined with the soothing purifying cream to combat my oiliness as well as my dry areas and it's been working like an absolute dream. I'm hardly getting oily at all at the moment when I'm wearing makeup which is unheard of for me in the summer months! I would definitely recommend this if you're a fellow oily gal.



Have you tried any Bioderma products? What're your faves?


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