3 Simple Ways to Make Your Wedding Unique.

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Weddings are incredibly personal events and though the price tag attached has gone up rapidly in recent years, there is a huge drive to make the day unique to you. As a couple, you have this one day to celebrate everything you love and to curate your day. This is your chance to host the perfect party.


But now that the boundaries are no longer fixed, how can you make your day special without stressing yourself out in the run-up? The truth is that for most people there are 3 elements that make the day what it is: the music, the food and the decoration. You don’t need to spend a lot, you just need a few details to make the day perfect.

The Music

Live music is always one of the highlights of a wedding and many groups are quite happy to agree a set playlist before the event (as long as you give them plenty of time to practise!). The music you choose can really tie a theme together whether you go for a jazz band to match a 20s theme or a folk group to match with your barn aesthetic.


It is quite easy to hire wedding bands online but you should always make sure that you audition the band first. An audition might cost you a small fee but it is the best way to ensure that the music is to your taste and of a high standard.


The Food

Food is certainly one of the most expensive parts of a wedding and with a lot of people to feed, you will need to make sure that you have something everyone will enjoy. But the food is also an opportunity to make a nod to your theme. Cupcakes are ideal for this as they are fun to decorate and easy to do in bulk.  


There aren’t any rules about food anymore which means that you can be as creative as you like. Build your own tacos is a fun idea that lots of people will be happy to get on board with. Similarly, food trucks are gaining popularity as they create a fun festival vibe and can offer a range of options.

The Decoration

Social media is partly to blame for the new competitive style of creating beautiful weddings and since even brides are on social media on their wedding day, you should think carefully about the decoration.


There is a trend for DIY decoration which is definitely the friend of millennials! Pompoms are fantastic as they are fun to make and a cheap way to add a lot of colour. Another good idea is to use recycled materials to make cute decorations. Pinterest is absolutely your friend here!


Making your wedding unique doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive, it is just about finding the areas where you can add a bit more of your personality. Whether you are getting married in a castle or a barn, each of these elements can be easily personalised without too much cost.