A Coffee Discovery.

A Coffee Discovery: Beanies Coffee Review

How have I not tried this brand before?

As an utter coffee addict, I was extremely excited when a big box of coffee sachets from Beanies Coffee landed on my doorstep. Everyone seems to have heard of this brand - even my own mum, but I have never come across them before weirdly?! I feel like I've been living under a rock or something considering how much I love coffee... Anyway, I genuinely couldn't believe how many flavours I received in the stick stash, like who even knew you could get all these delicious flavoured coffees? I stopped buying instant coffee when I got my first coffee machine for my birthday that brews fresh grounds but I've noticed I don't drink it as much at home as it requires a lot more effort to make and clean the machine. The stick stash from Beanies has been the ultimate game changer for me because I've loved every flavour that much, that I'm going through a lot more caffeine during the day which gives me the boost I need as a work from home mum! I still love my coffee machine obvs but instant coffee is a lot easier to enable myself to quickly pour a cup whilst trying to keep my eye on a certain toddler named Reuben. If you fancy hearing more about the stash I received and all the different flavours then keep reading...

A Coffee Discovery: Beanies Coffee Review

Stick Stash

To begin with, theĀ Beanies Stick Stash comes in a super cute cardboard dispenser that's perfect for popping in your kitchen or office. I had so many messages about this when I showed it on instagram stories as most of you thought it was so cool, and it is! Inside is a mixture of 100 coffee sticks, in 10 different flavours. This is an amazing way to sample Beanies Coffee if you haven't tried them before. My personal favourite flavours include mint chocolate, cookie dough, chocolate orange and gingerbread. I genuinely cannot believe how many delish flavours they offer, if you have a sweet tooth like me you will be in caffeine heaven. The coffee sticks only contain 2 calories per cup too, they're sugar free and are suitable for vegans too. If you aren't fussed about any of that like me, my favourite way to have my morning coffee is two sticks for an extra caffeine kick, a big dollop of milk and 2-3 sugars. That's generally how I drink all of my coffee but these flavoured sticks definitely add that something extra. These stick stashes are perfect for those who travel a lot or work away from home as they're so small and real easy to pop in your bag so you always have them on hand. I'm going to start keeping a few in my baby change bag because the amount of times I leave the house or go for a drive and suddenly need a caffeine kick happens far too often and these will come in so handy!

Creamy Beanies All in One Salted Caramel

A new addition to the Beanies family is their new creamy all in one sachets. I received a box full of the salted caramel flavour, and you also get a travel cup with the stash in the colour of the coffee flavour, in this case mine was orange! I love a good travel cup as they're perfect for all the road trips I go on, I'm always taking one out with me in the car. The creamy salted caramel sachets are by far my favourite overall, I am honestly addicted to them. I have one pretty much every single morning, they're like drinking a flavoured cappuccino and they're just so delish. These ones have a few more calories than the stick stash but they are no more than 36 calories per cup so it's not too bad at all if you love a creamy coffee on a morning. I drink mine the same still with additional sugar and fresh milk but that's a personal preference. I've already noticed they do the creamy sachets in the mint chocolate flavour which I have my eye on once I've got through this stash!

A Coffee Discovery: Beanies Coffee Review
A Coffee Discovery: Beanies Coffee Review

Beanies Coffee are offering free delivery for a limited time with their stick stashes so I recommend picking one up if you fancy trying out the brand, every flavour is honestly so good. I still don't know how I've only just discovered them! I've been sharing my stash with my family and they're all as obsessed as I am.


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