Adding Antiques to Furniture Collections – A Touch of Class.

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Although it is true to say that many homeowners across Australia and the rest of the globe for that matter are being swept away by the advancement in technology that is influencing their home’s interior, antique furniture is still popular for many people. Indeed, just because we may like to have a huge flat-screen TV in the lounge for home entertainment, it does not mean to say we are losing our ability to appreciate elegant period furniture. However, if we are thinking of purchasing vintage furniture originating from Louis XV or other European periods, it would be wise to look online for websites providing blogs about the better buys in such timeless classics.

By looking at various references online, people hoping to make the right choice in period furniture from the Louis XV era should be able to achieve their goal. Of course, we do not need to be an expert in classic furniture from the Louis XV period or other antique 18th century furniture to be interested in purchasing a curvaceously designed piece. However, homeowners who would like to learn more about how to spot an item of furniture from the Louis XV period may take a look at sites providing some of the following tips:

* Usually highly ornamental yet elegant

* Drawers often made of oak with a honey colour

* Triple doors are a common feature on Louis XV wardrobes

* Elegant beds finished in walnut would feature intricate carvings

* The Louis XV Bombe Marquetry Commode are of superb quality


Adding Elegance

Homeowners with aspirations of making their modern home interior more interesting could consider purchasing a number of antique items of furniture from Louis XV, XVI, or period pieces from French Provincial collections. And even though a soft leather sofa from a line of contemporary furniture may suffice for homeowners lazing in front of the TV, elegant items of furniture from various French periods are fantastic for adding elegance to our home.


Country Style

City slickers hoping to eventually move out to a more rural region are bound to appreciate the charm of French country style furniture from French Provincial collections. And as Wallrocks sells quality French Provincial Furniture as part of its ranges on offer, it might be a good idea for these folks to check out their website. Indeed, not only will purchasers of French antique furniture enjoy looking at what this Queensland company has for sale on its site, but they may also be inspired by some of their other period pieces. Of course, nothing could be more elegant than cabriole legs and simple scalloped carving — signature features of these graceful pieces. Additionally, dining chairs with their wheat pattern carving, which reflects the maker’s countryside surroundings, are quintessential items of French Provincial collections.


Sound Investment

Buyers of antique furniture that are hoping to make some money out of the pieces they have collected over the years are likely to have done their homework on the different items of furniture they have already got in their collection. What many collectors of French and other European antique furniture will do from time to time is visit an antique furniture auction in order to either buy something new or enquire about selling one of their antique pieces.

Of course, even if we have got the taste for collecting a large variety of antique furniture for investment purposes only, we could end up keeping a number of items, so we can make our home a more aesthetically pleasing place to live.